How to get more direct bookings with optimal UX?

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Why spend excess money when you can drive more direct bookings with optimal UX design of your website?

Increasing revenue is the main objective of any business.

There are many sources from where hotels can drive bookings and generate revenue, but you will have to pay the commission as its consideration.

Hence, it’s better to get direct bookings from your website without paying extra money.

Moreover, there are many benefits you can get from the optimal UX design. Your SEO rankings will improve.

When your website is visible of top of search result automatically its traffic will increase.

Apart from SEO rankings, it significantly reduces the costs and saves your time.

Hence, optimizing UX design of your website helps you in many ways.

Hotel can get more direct bookings with optimal UX

Let’s look at a few tips which you can implement to get more direct bookings with optimal UX.

Majority of users look at the website before making a booking. To attract more visitors, you must have an influential online presence.

Your website must function optimally to converts its visitor into guests.

There are various reasons which are slowing down your website like overhead in the database, cache, plugins, etc. work out on these issues.

You can use a content delivery network, optimize JavaScript and site’s CSS for faster loading of pages.

Solving these kinks makes your web pages load quicker. Thus, users can easily book a room in no time.

Mobile has become an essential part of human life. Majority of visitors are visiting your website through mobile phone.

Hence, you have to make your website responsive to all the devices users are using.

You can drive more conversions if, provide the same functionality to mobile users as web users.

If your website is mobile-optimized, then it will reformat itself according to the device in which it is open.

Hence, user can view larger navigation button and content allowing them to make buying decisions from their phone.

Another option for you is making a responsive website design.

It means developing a site in a way that is completely flexible regardless of device.

You can analyze the requirements and budget of your business and take investment decision accordingly.

For captivating users to your website, it must be appealing to the eyes of visitors.

Before booking, users search for several websites is to find the most precise hotel details, better quality images, videos to make a more informed decision.

Guests want to dream of a lovely getaway that they are about to book.

So, invest in high definition photography to showcase your hotel in detail. Use high-quality pictures of your hotel will do the same.

More travellers can be drawn in by using quality images, making them want to stay at your hotel.

Hence, it leads to conversion. Another important thing is keeping the design of your website balance.

Meaning the distribution of the object, colour, space, texture in a symmetrical way.

You can implement principles of design to make your website more appealing and captivating to its viewers.

Further to arise the interest of the users, you can display special packages on your website.

Using points mention rooms and its price. Do not use long content as it will create confusion in the mind of the buyer.

Precise communication of everything your hotel is offering is essential.

In amenities, users will be looking for free wifi, bathing essentials, breakfast.

Hence, mentioning everything avoid any conflict which will harm your hotel’s brand.

Pay heed, to all the graphic aspects of the web design, like typography and iconography.

Each detail is an opportunity to demonstrate your identity and evoke positive reactions.

Further, use filters which allow your customer to find a relevant result.

For instance, use default sort order as “Lowest Price”, if your items are targeting a cost-conscious consumer.

Hotel reviews can play an important role in the buying decision of buyers. Positive reviews directly impact room reservation.

There are various social proofs which affect the buying decision of the customer.

Like testimonials, video tutorials, video blogs, social following, etc.

If you want to boost the reputation of your website and provide your visitors with social facts.

You need to display feedback from a reputable and well-known source.

For instance, it makes your website more compelling if you add a TripAdvisor rating widget to your homepage or dedicated landing page.

The main point of the website is to drive bookings from the customer.

And it is only possible when potential guests can find it easily on your website.

Show your availability and ‘Book Now’ button clearly so that visitors are not lost and click it right away.

You can highlight the booking button by using different shades of colour or using a bold font.

It makes the booking process simple, and you can get more conversions.

Try to include the booking button at the same place on every page of the website.

Hence, the user will not get confused every time they redirected to a new page of the website.

Moreover, you can implement social media booking button.

Thus, when guests are browsing through their social media accounts and find your hotel page, then they can book from there.

Above mention, tips help you to get more direct bookings with optimal UX.

The tips include optimizing the functionality of the website, making it visually stimulating, visibility of call to action button and many more.

In this way, you can create a magnificent website design and user interface.

It will give your customer a delightful experience and also increase your conversions.

Ultimately, increases the profit of your hotel.

Please share views in the comment box.

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