Built a multilingual website to increase direct bookings

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To deliver great user experience in global market built a multilingual website.

Mostly, your website is first thing that your customer sees when they want to know anything about your company.

Hence, the first step to connect with your customers is to display the content of your website in their native language.

Having a multilingual website will work in your favor.

Because building a multilingual website easily expand your business and earn a competitive edge in the market.

If you want to reach a broader audience and communicate effectively with your visitors.

Then built a multilingual website to increase direct bookings and place your brand in a positive light.

built a multilingual website

Multilingual site means to create a website with content in multiple languages.

Thus, visitors of the site can access in different languages.

Once visiting the site the visitor has to select any one language of the multiple languages site is offering.

A multilingual website can often combine different languages on the same website.

Either because the audience is considered multilingual or because the embedded foreign text may be needed.

Analysing your website visitor metrics helps to choose the correct languages for your website.

Track the IP address of visitors from countries.

Evaluate the percentage of domestic and international visitors.

See the metrics of the conversion rate and booking rate of both domestic and international visitors.

Find out any country or geographic area with higher conversion and/or purchasing rate.

Further, to gather more information you can also check your competitor’s data to make a decision.

After analysing and evaluating the data, translate your website.

If translations are not possible from you or your team, you can appoint a professional translator.

Alternatively, you can use Google translator but make sure to recheck it to avoid any trouble or mistake.

Moreover, you can choose a content management system to serve your multi-language needs.

Not only content but also translate your visual content because photographs have different definitions for different cultures.

The appropriate photos can be selected to match the local language of the content.

But after translating from any of the above options review the translated content from a professional translator.

It is important because human translators can analyze language from an emotional and contextual point of view.

Every international market has its internet searching habits and SEO needs.

Hence, to fulfil each country market needs right after translating your website, you have to make sure to change keywords for different languages.

Every country may different popular keywords.

The first step is to translate your country’s keywords into the other languages and then think about their alternatives phrases in your’s country’s language and then translate these.

See how often one of your possible keywords is used in each business area.

Accordingly, find a combination of prevalent ‘short tail’ keywords and more precise ‘long tail’ keywords to be used in your content.

Moreover, check the keywords your competitors are using and look at your metrics and find out which search terms customers use to find you.

At last, check your performance at least every two months as keyword trends can change rapidly.

You have to find a location on your website where you want to place the language menu.

Thus, one of your tasks is to choose the way users will select a language on your site.

You can place it at the top of the homepage along with this place language toggle or use subtle animation features, to draw visitors’ attention to the translation option.

Thus, users can recognise it on the top and change language easily.

Nowadays, placing it with mini flag icons, written abbreviations or a mixture of the two representing each language.

To remind users of the choices available to choose from is also popular.

The decision you have to make on the functionality and the overall user experience you want to deliver.

The longer the users have to browse, the most likely they with leave your website, so take decision carefully. Eventually, the final decision is up to you.

In 2019 as per the reports of statista there were around 1.27 billion people worldwide speaks English either natively or as a second language.

Even people who are fluent in English will prefer a website in their native language.

9 in 10 Internet users if given choice to choose from languages available, then they will choose their country’s native language while viewing a website.

Thus, you can attract a wide range of customers by including languages other than English.

This way you can show your customers from different geographic locations that you care about them and their language is crucial.

When consumers have a good experience, they would be more likely to buy your goods or ask you for services while visiting your multilingual website.

With site available to customers in their native language, it demonstrates your concern towards your customers.

And they can easily understand the product or services you are providing and feel a sense of trust and satisfaction.

Hence, customers will feel secure and confident and show a willingness to purchase from you.

From above points you can understand the ways to built a multilingual website.

Optimize your website according to the target market of different geographic location.

It will make your customers feel comfortable and familiar with the product or services they will receive.

Moreover, improve your brand awareness, visibility in the global market and eventually increase conversions.

Thus, we can say by using few tools and following process you can definitely built a multilingual website and enjoy its benefits.

Please share views in the comment box.

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