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How to benefit from Multi-property solution

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Managing all the operations in a property is a challenging task. However, Things get even more complex if you run a hotel chain with multiple properties. 

A multi-property solution can help you manage the daily operations for all the multiple properties with easy steps. 

In this blog, let’s find out the easy steps on how multi-property solutions can benefit hoteliers.

There are many challenges that you face while running a hotel. If you have multiple properties, it will be more complicated for you to handle them. 

You need to ensure communication between the teams and the department to counter any challenges that may arise. And as a hotel chain, you need to add new properties in your hotel group.

The multi-property solution will ease your hotel operations across multiple properties. It also allows you to add new properties and provide you with a centralized system for seamless communication. 

Now that we have a brief idea about the multiproperty solution, let’s discuss its benefits in more detail.

How to benefit from Multi-property solution QloApps

If you own more than one property and operate on an on-premise solution, the cost will considerably increase as you need to install the software for each property. 

Moreover, you need to hire a dedicated IT team which can be expensive. With a cloud-based multi-property solution, you can cover all these expenses. 

You just to need to pay a monthly fee and the rest will be handled by the software providers.

While working with multiple teams and departments, you need a centralized system to ease the workflow between the departments. 

With a multi-property management system, you can easily manage all your operations for different properties from one place. All you need is the login credentials and you can control the workflow among the multiple properties. 

Additionally, a multi-property solution allows you to perform bulk operations. For instance, if you want to update promotional offers for all of your hotels, you can do this action for all the properties with a single operation. 

Just select all the hotels for which you want to update and with one click, the information will updated for all the selected hotels.

Keeping track of your data becomes complicated as there will be multiple reports for multiple properties. Also, if you want to enhance any of your property’s performance or want to implement a strategy to boost the performance, it becomes quite a challenge.

A multi-property solution allows you to access group-wise reports, data history and forecast reports. The users can create personalized reports for their different properties with all the important Hospitality KPIs and a wide range of parameters.

This helps the hotel management to evaluate the hotel’s performance and implement the key business decisions to enhance the hotel chain’s revenue. 

Every property has its own way to cater the guests. It becomes quite difficult for the hotel management to add different features to different properties. This is where the multi-property solution shines. One of its highlighted features is the integration with various hotel solutions. 

You can integrate your multi-property PMS with the front desk system, housekeeping systems, inventory management and accounting systems. Also, if you have listed your property on various OTAs, you can easily manage the listing with a hotel channel manager

With these integrations, the hotel chain management can ensure smooth communications and operating procedures between different properties. Also, These integrations reduce manual error and enhance overall efficiency. 

While working in the hospitality industry, hotel chains have to manage data such as guests’ personal details, payment credentials, and other sensitive data. So, it is obvious that you cannot compromise on data security.

Moreover, managing this data for multiple hotels becomes even more complicated. With the multi-property solution, you secure the data on the system or the cloud. This keeps your data secure in case of any accidents that may occur on your property. 

Also, the cloud PMS providers will take adequate measures in case of any data breaches.

Since the software needs to be operated all the time, it often requires maintenance. To keep things smooth, you have to hire a dedicated IT team that handles the maintenance aspect. 

If you have multiple properties and software, having a dedicated team for each can be expensive. 

The multi-property solution provider can help you to update and maintain the software from one place. The software providers release regular updates that will resolve the bugs in the software. 

In case any major problem arises, there is no need for a separate team. The PMS providers offer technical assistance that will resolve any issue in the software.

Are you a hotel owner searching for a way to simplify your hotel operations? Give QloApps – hotel management software a try.

If you have any questions about QloApps, Kindly refer to our free reservation system user guide or post them on the QloApps forum.

For any technical assistance, please submit a support ticket.

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