How QloApps feature price entices your guests?

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QloApps feature price entices your guests, helps maximize hotel revenue and build sustainable hotel business.

If you can successfully implement this particular hotel room pricing strategy, it can assist you in making more profits and customer satisfaction.

Determining the right room rate is not an easy task.

QloApps feature price can help you sell your rooms so that you maximum room revenue.

If you want to stay competitive in the market, feature price entices your guests to stay in the market.

QloApps feature price entices your guests visiting the hotel

Let’s first understand about QloApps, then we will understand how its feature price entices your guests.

It is an open-source hotel reservation system that helps you to launch your beautiful looking website.

This system is available for free of cost and is highly customizable.

It has a beautiful landing and a user-friendly interface.

And there are many more features in it.

We also have a feature in which you can sell different rooms at different prices from a specific group of guests.

You can give discounts to a specific group of guests, and charge high or low rates of the room from them.

When guests see you are providing valuable services, they would not be bothered about the price of the room.

You can charges less from your premium guests, or you can give a discount to new guests.

It will make a positive impact on them and leave them with a smile on their face. But make sure you do not degrade your services.

Otherwise, it will backfire your hotel business. They must feel they are satisfied and happy with your services.

Then only they will visit your hotel in future and recommend their friends and relatives.

Using a pricing strategy, depending on both the arrival date and the total length of a guest’s stay, you will make adjustments to your room rates.

You can predict the market, forecast price and charge price accordingly.

To increase occupancy, you can adjust the price of your room, either based on the maximum duration of stay or the minimum length of stay.

You can also charge a specific price of the hotel room, for any particular day.

Further, you can charge different rates for each night of a guest stay.

For instance, If Thursday night is the check-in day and Sunday is the check-out day, you can charge extra for your Friday night alone.

It is because weekend prices are usually on the higher side.

Post pandemic, travellers visit are going to be on the rise.

It is more likely that you have a huge demand at your side, with tourists will be visiting your hotel to stay longer and invest more.

Hence, by giving special offer prices, you can tap into this highly profitable international market.

QloApps display your special offer in the different languages your potential guests speak and understand.

All the exclusive deals are available in various languages.

Ensuring that you don’t have to think about wasting money to drive the brand’s internationalization initiatives.

Travellers are gradually moving out of there hometown to take a recreational trip in search of visiting new destinations and keeping stress at bay.

They will be visiting your hotel with their family and friends.

Hence, the feature price in QloApps undoubtedly caters to this segment of travellers you don’t want to lose out.

Leisure travellers do not want to compromise on comfort.

Make sure your hotel give them comfort like a clean room, taking care of minor details, offering pool facilities, if possible.

To make your hotel more appealing, you may allow children of a particular age limit to eat or stay for free.

The high-income travellers in one study said they would rather spend money on activities than a better hotel room.

Hence, if you want to attract those travellers, you have to give more than just a room.

In QloApp, many promotional deals will help you set the offer for an enjoyable experience.

You can charge the specific price so that guests can experience meaningful people, culture, food, and environment.

Appropriately designed special offers that encourage experiential travel will help attract the attention of travellers who want more than just a hotel space.

It includes the great outdoors to wellness.

Your special offer encourages travellers to schedule an enjoyable experience they may not have previously considered for your area.

One of the most successful pricing techniques in the hotel industry is to offer packages.

Instead of only offering a room, you might build a unique package at an affordable rate, with extra offers/services.

It makes guests feel they are getting more at less pay.

For marketing purposes, leverage the packages.

And it can achieve additional exposure to viewers who would not have otherwise put the hotel in their consideration set.

Set a target market and align with people visiting your local area.

Personalisation is the secret to delighting guests and improving their commitment to the company.

For your visitors, it is most likely second nature for you to add personal touches.

Such as reserving their favourite table, offering them their desired style of space, proposing family-friendly activities for children, and so on.

We can see that how QloApps feature price entices your guests by setting different prices for any specific group of guests.

You can charges less from your premium guests, or you can give a discount to new guests.

Further, you can charge a specific price for the length of stay of the hotel’s guests.

You can also charge a specific price of the hotel room, for any particular day.

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If you want to learn about the functionality of QloApps then you can visit this link: QLO Reservation System – Free Open-Source Hotel Booking & Reservation System.

In case of any query, issue or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum

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