Effective marketing tactics for hotels to attract more bookings

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To own and run a hotel is no easy task. It is even more challenging when it comes to maximizing your revenue and increasing direct bookings.

However, this can become much easier when you have a strong hotel marketing strategy in place.

In this article, we are going to share some of the essential marketing strategies for hotel business that would help you stay ahead in this ever-competitive industry.

It is extremely crucial for you to understand who exactly your customers are and what are their needs and requirements while they are looking to book a room in your hotel.

Every time they make a reservation on your website, make sure that you have additional fields on your booking system to collect information about their preferences and other details.

Make Your Hotel Website Intuitive And User-Friendly
It is important for hotels to have a website that is user-friendly. The hotel’s website should be such where people find everything you are offering, easily and swiftly.
The website should be easy to navigate, should tell the whole story, and speedy and reliable. It also needs to be mobile-friendly, as more and more tech-friendly which means that they are accessing many websites on their mobile phones only. Always remember, an intuitive website establishes credibility as a business and if you lack it, you are definitely running behind.

It is important that you have complete knowledge about what makes your hotel attractive to guests.

You should know what the guests like about your property and those unique factors should be highlighted on your social media handles, website, and marketing campaigns.

For example, if your property is pet-friendly, it would a great hotel marketing strategy to put up photos of guests walking into your hotel, spending time with their pets.

Why would someone come over to a specific hotel website to make a booking while they can do it from an OTA where they would find multiple options?

However, as a hotelier can change the game by incorporating a certain strategy. There are several marketing strategies in the hospitality industry and one of the best ones to bring more direct booking is by giving discounts.

So, make sure you offer attractive discounts to guests who book your property directly, surprise your guests with certain gifts when they arrive in their rooms.

These kinds of gestures would leave a great impression on them and helps you win long term guest relations. And there are possibilities that they would share their experience with others.

When a guest makes a return booking on your hotel website and when they arrive at your property, s/he expects you to acknowledge them for their loyalty. And how would you do that?
With gestures — like a welcome back email or a placard at the time of arrival or a complementary food item. Such things would make them feel special and welcomed.

Guest experience matters! Guests are likely to return to your property when they are satisfied with the experience. And this not only applies to their time-spent in your property but also to when they are on your website grabbing those offers.
This leads to positive feedback and reviews on your website, resulting in many more direct bookings from people who make bookings after reading the reviews.

The Pricing Of Your Hotel Rooms Should Be Aligned With Seasonal Factors
Setting up prices for your rooms is a strategical task and you must master it. When you set a price for your hotel rooms, you should do it by considering various factors like the season, special day or even the local events happening during that time. This would ensure that you also have increased RevPAR.

When the guests are about to check out, make sure you give them a gentle reminder to review your hotel property. Whether it’s on OTA or TripAdvisor or even your hotel website — ask them to share their experience.

A hotelier must make sure that the picture of its property on the hotel website or any OTA is attractive enough.

For this, you may also hire a professional photographer. Furthermore, you also upload these photos on the hotel’s social media handles.

Word to the wise: just for the sake, do not upload photos of some other good-looking property.

You definitely don’t want your guests to be surprised by seeing a completely different property than the ones uploaded on your website.

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