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Mighty Oaks Glamping:  UK’s Glamping Business Scaled in Hotel Industry Using QloApps

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Mighty Oaks Glamping is a picturesque and luxurious stay. It is located in the beautiful countryside of Devon, UK.

This place offers a comfortable stay with breathtaking views in nature’s arms.

It offers very cosy, hand-crafted shepherd’s huts for stay. These huts are well equipped with all the essential amenities that a guest can need during their stay.

Mighty Oaks Glamping Website

This unique stay provides their guests with a personalized and memorable stay experience in nature.

The glamps also provide additional outside sitting areas with firepits. The guests enjoy this area to watch sunsets with amazing views and a quiet ambience with only nature’s sound.

The sustainable and impressive Mighty Oaks Glamping business leveraged QloApps to scale its business and reach its target travel audience easily.

Hospitality Industry In the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has experienced exponential growth in the hospitality industry.

Various factors impacted the fast-paced development of the hotel industry in the UK. Some of the major contributing factors are the rise in tourism and increased investment.

hotel industry in UK

As per the latest industry reports of Mordor Intelligence, the UK Hospitality Industry is expected to grow from USD 57.39 billion in 2024 to USD 65.02 billion by 2029.

The hospitality industry of the UK comprises various types of properties. It includes Hotels, Hotel chains, resorts, apartments, glamps, cottages, chalets, motels and much more.

This sector plays a vital role in driving income in the country and providing employment opportunities.

Challenges Faced by Mighty Oaks Glamping

Mighty Oaks Glamping was looking for software through which they could launch their business online.

Their biggest challenge for them was to find software using which they could easily manage the bookings of their unique property type.

They were looking for software that could provide them with a booking website integrated with a booking engine through which they could take online bookings for their Glamps.

They also wanted an integrated Property management system to streamline their daily operations and manage the offline and online bookings of the camp.

Mighty Oaks Glamping were in search of an all-in-one property management software.

They were managing a distinctive type of property. Therefore, they required a customizable software.

They choose QloApps for their glamping business. QloApps provided them with an integrated booking website, booking engine and PMS.

Let’s discuss how the unique property of Mighty Oaks Glamping builds their online business through QloApps.

Engaging Booking Website

QloApps provides a customizable booking website with various sections on the home page.

Mighty Oaks Glamping Home page

The Mighty Oak Glamping efficiently used QloApps and created an attractive and engaging website for their property.

They displayed their huts and client reviews in different sections on the website’s home page.

Mighty Oaks Glamping Home page rooms section

Listing Unique Accommodation Type

QloApps allowed them to list their huts for booking on the hotel website.

Mighty Oaks Glamping Listing page

The user-friendly website’s interface helps guests to book their stay in just a few clicks.

Detailed Information Page of Stay

With QloApps, users can add and display various essential information about their accommodation on the website.

Mighty Oaks Glamping room type information page

Mighty Oaks Glamping listed all the necessary stay information on this page.

Mighty Oaks Glamping booking page

Discount Vouchers

Mighty Oaks Glamping used the cart rule discount feature of QloApps to provide discount coupons to their guest.  

Mighty Oaks Glamping Discounts

Providing the discount vouchers helps them attract price-sensitive guests and drive more bookings and revenue for their stay.

Safe Payment Process

QloApps provides various safe and secure payment gateways integrated with the software.

Mighty Oaks Glamping used the QloApps Stripe Payment Gateway for taking payment of bookings.

Mighty Oaks Glamping Payment options on website

They integrated the Stripe payment gateway and provided their guests with a safe and secure payment process.

Mighty Oaks Glamping payment using stripe

Customizable CMS Pages

QloApps allows users to edit and customize the various CMS pages of the website as per their property details.

Mighty Oaks Glamping customized the various CMS pages of the website and displayed their property details to their guests.

Mighty Oaks Glamping About us page

They used the About Us page to describe the details of their accommodation and nearby sites.

Mighty Oaks Glamping Policies Page

They added their policies and terms and conditions to the respective CMS Pages on the website.  

Mighty Oaks Glamping Terms and conditions page

Seamless Property Management System

QloApps provides efficient PMS that allows Mighty Oaks Glamping to streamline its accommodation reservations.

The various features of PMS, including full and partial payment management, reservations management, etc, help hoteliers manage their property.  

SEO Optimization

QloApps comes with built-in tools for SEO Management. It helps users improve their website ranking on search engines like Google.

Mighty Oaks Glamping used QloApps to make the website more visible to potential customers.

End Note

Mighty Oaks Glamping achieved its goal of making its business grow online and reach a bigger audience using QloApps.

QloApps enhanced the user experience through customizations. It helped Mighty Oak Glamping increase its booking rates and revenue.

Take a look at further QloApps extensions for easing your property management.

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