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Case Study Daulatgarh Resorts and Camps



Daulatgarh Resort & Camp: India’s Royal Resort Scaled in Hotel Business Using QloApps

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Daulatgarh Resort & Camp is a unique and vibrant royal campsite situated in the endless deserts of Jaisalmer.

It owns beautiful camps amidst the dunes of Rajasthan that allure guests from all around the world. This place is a perfect stay for family, couples, or corporate holidays to individuals and students to nature lovers. 

Daulatgarh Resort & Camp

Daulatgarh Resorts and Camps follow the ancient Rajputana hospitality traditions.

This property offers multiple desert activities for guests, including desert safari, camel safari, camping, and much more. 

These activities allow the guests to relive the ancient memories of Rajasthan. 

It offers stunning surroundings of desert and wildlife, diverse cultural activities of folk dance and music, and traditional meals and drinks. This property perfectly showcases the Rajasthani style and values. 

QloApps helped Daulatgarh Resorts and Camps to introduce their beautiful stay that offers luxury with Rajasthani culture to the whole world. 

Hospitality Industry in India

India is a country of rich culture and heritage, mesmerizing diverse landscapes, and shades of beauty and weather across the states.

With its warm hospitality and remarkable travel destinations, It’s one of the most popular and preferred tourism-rich countries.

The tourism industry of India is increasing each year at a high pace. According to the Recent Report of Statista, Travel and tourism are two of the largest industries in India.

With the increase in travelers, the types of accommodations available in the country also advanced simultaneously. 

The country offers various types of accommodations, including hotels, homestays, Bed and Breakfasts, Apartments, Houses, Camps, and much more. 

What Challenges were faced by Daulatgarh Resort & Camp?

Daulatgarh Resorts and Camps provide glorious camps for stay, so they wanted to showcase their offering to the world. 

They wanted to build an upbeat online presence of their property to reach their target guests. 

Our client was in search of a hotel website with customizable CMS pages. Using the CMS pages they wanted to introduce the world to their offerings, activities, and packages. 

In addition, they wanted to step into the online market of the hotel industry. Moreover, they wanted to empower guests to book their camps from any corner of the world. 

The client also wanted to streamline the bookings management of their camps business. They were in search of software that could save time and manual effort. This will help them focus on providing their guests with a memorable stay experience. 

After extensive market research, their search ended with QloApps. They chose QloApps to launch their resort website and manage their property. 

QloApps is a free and open-source software. It provides hoteliers with an integrated Property Management System, Booking Website, and Booking Engine. 

It provides various benefits to the property, including website ownership and customization and an efficient ecosystem for hotel management.

In this case study, we will discuss the essential features of QloApps utilizing which Daulatgarh Resort & Camp manages their property.

Visually Attractive Website

Using QloApps, the client launched an elegant, informative, and attractive website for their property. 

Daulatgarh Resort & Camp Home Page

This comprehensive hotel website allowed them to display all the information, including the amp interiors, nearby attractions, activities, and accommodations in a visually attractive manner.  

Daulatgarh Resort & Camp Home Page

The dynamic website built by Daulatgarh Resorts and Camps helped them engage their potential guests and attract them to their property. Therefore, it increased their booking rates and revenue. 

Daulatgarh Resort & Camp Home Page

Easy Communication Methods

Daulatgarh Resorts and Camps have empowered their visitors to connect directly with them in just a click by integrating QloApps WhatsApp Support and Share Addon in QloApps. 

QloApps WhatsApp Support and Share Addon

Informative Property Type Pages

Daulatgarh Resorts and Camps leveraged the customizable nature of QloApps and created a detailed information page for their accommodation type. 

Book Daulatgarh Resorts and Camps

It gives a better idea and all the necessary and relevant information about their rooms to their website visitors. 

SEO Optimisation

SEO Optimisation is essential to boost the ranking of hotel websites as it increases website reach and attracts more organic traffic to the business.

QloApps provides built-in SEO tools that help them rank their website in Google search results and increase their website’s organic traffic. 

Efficient Content Management System (CMS)  

Using the user-friendly content management system of QloApps, Daulatgarh Resort & Camp showcased its various offerings to its guests on its website. 

About Daulatgarh Resorts and Camps
Activities of Daulatgarh Resorts and Camps

They provided their guests with information about the activities, adventures, and packages they offer in their resorts on different CMS pages. 

Activities of Daulatgarh Resorts and Camps

End Note

QloApps Played a vital role in building the online presence of the Daulatgarh Resort & Camp. 

Using QloApps for their hotel website and property management, they made their hotel business successful and increased their revenue and booking rates. 

QloApps helped them to showcase their property type and various offerings uniquely and attractively.

QloApps supported this heritage-rich property of Jaisalmer to scale up and establish itself in this competitive hotel industry.

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