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Case Study Complejo Turístico Fernandois



Complejo Turístico Fernandois | Pleasant Stay in Chile

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Complejo Turístico Fernandois is one of the best resorts and event centers located in the Maule Region, Chile. With the objective of providing quality services to their guests, Complejo Turístico Fernandois has been serving in the hospitality industry since 2019.

The area is designed in a way that allows families to fully appreciate and indulge in the natural environments located nearby, making it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Complejo Turístico Fernandois

Complejo Turístico Fernandois is a family business dedicated to providing accommodation and lodging services to national and international clients.

Their mission is to offer guests a pleasant stay, in an environment of comfort, peace, beauty, trust, and security, framed in high-quality standards.

In order to establish its online presence and reach a wide range of audiences Complejo Turístico Fernandois chooses QloApps.

In this case study we will explore how QloApps helps Complejo Turístico Fernandois to fulfill their requirements and manage their brand awareness and online presence.

Hospitality Industry In Chile

Chile has invested in developing its tourism infrastructure over the years. Major cities and tourist destinations have modern airports, efficient transportation networks, and well-maintained roads.

This infrastructure development has made traveling within the country more convenient for tourists.

Moreover, Chile offers a diverse range of attractions, including stunning landscapes, cultural heritage sites, adventure tourism, and a thriving food and wine scene. 

The hospitality industry in Chile has been an important sector of the country’s economy, attracting both domestic and international tourists.

Challenges Faced By Complejo Turístico Fernandois

Complejo Turístico Fernandois faces several challenges while establishing its brand in the hospitality industry in Chile.

Some of the common difficulties include building brand awareness, reputation management, online presence, and reaching out to more guests.

In order to tackle such challenges Complejo Turístico Fernandois requires an attractive, dynamic, and customizable hotel website by which they may introduce them in the market.

Also, they require a booking engine that is already integrated with their hotel’s website to manage their booking process seamlessly and inventory in real-time. 

Moreover, they need a solution that can manage property bookings and guests data efficiently. So, they can stay stress-free with these things and can work on providing exceptional experiences to their guests.

After a brief analysis, they choose QloApps as a solution for all their problems.

How QloApps helps Complejo Turístico Fernandois?

QloApps helps Complejo Turístico Fernandois establish its brand and fulfill its requirements.

Online Booking System

QloApps provides a user-friendly online booking engine that allows Complejo Turístico Fernandois to get reservations directly through their hotel’s website.

This helps in increasing direct bookings and reducing reliance on third-party booking platforms, thereby improving brand visibility and control over bookings.

Built-In SEO Tools

With an in-built feature SEO Optimization of QloApps, Complejo Turístico Fernandois’s website ranked better on search engines.

Therefore, it will help them drive more traffic to the website and increase its visibility online.

Localization and Multilingual Support

QloApps helps to build a multilingual website, which is beneficial for establishments like Complejo Turístico Fernandois that cater to international tourists.

It allows them to provide information and communicate with guests in their preferred language, enhancing the overall guest experience.

End Note

Complejo Turístico Fernandois improves its presence in the hospitality industry and fulfills its requirements by using QloApps.

QloApps provided Complejo Turístico Fernandois with an attractive and impressive website, booking engine, and Property Management System which helps them to manage their inventory, reservations, and many operational activities.

Complejo Turístico Fernandois offers guests pleasant accommodation in an environment of comfort, tranquility, beauty, trust, and security, framed in high-quality standards, and QloApps enhances their working efficiency and allows them to get accessible for bookings from anywhere in the world.

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