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Arwana Perhentian Resort: Eco-friendly & Beach Chalet in Malaysia streamlined hotel business using QloApps

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Arwana Perhentian Resort is a sustainable and luxurious eco-resort and beach chalet guarding the paradise Island of Perhentian. 

This resort is perfect for guests looking for a property with a personalized stay and modern convenience. 

The property offers spacious rooms with private bathrooms and all the essential amenities that a guest requires for a unique and comfortable stay.

Arwana Perhentian Resort Website

Arwana Perhentian Resort ensures its guests eat the best cuisine within a perfect atmosphere by offering them authentic Chinese, Malaysian, and international food on site. 

They leave no stone unturned to provide their guest with a memorable stay. The property also includes various leisure activities and unique amenities like meeting rooms for their guests. 

Arwana Perhentian Resort underlines the importance of serving its guests in the best way possible. 

QloApps Hotel Management System empowered Arwana Perhentian Resort to take its hotel business online and reach travellers worldwide.

Hospitality Industry In Malaysia

The hospitality industry in Malaysia is rapidly increasing over time. The same trend is visible in the tourism industry of the country. 

As per Statista’s travel and tourism report, Malaysia’s hotel market projected revenue is expected to reach US$1.43bn. 

Hospitality Industry In Malaysia

The hotel industry of Malaysia offers every segment of hotels for all types of travellers. They have chain hotels as well as independent hotels in their country.

Travellers can find hotels in all financial segments in this country, from budget-friendly stays to luxury resorts. 

The warm hospitality, innovative and value-added services of Malaysian stays, fresh and diverse food options and beautiful seas and beaches boost Malaysia’s tourism and hospitality industry. 

Challenges faced by Arwana Perhentian Resort

Arwana Perhentian Resort offers diverse services and room types and wants to increase its business and attract guests. 

The main challenge that Arwana Perhentian Resort faced was the absence of an online presence of their resort. 

In this competitive hotel industry, every hotelier wants to increase their sources of bookings, and a booking website is one of the best sources of direct bookings

The Arwana Perhentian Resort wanted to launch a hotel booking website for their guests. They wanted their guests to quickly explore their property and offerings and book their resorts with few clicks from anywhere. 

They also wanted to streamline their online and offline booking management process to save their time and focus on improving their guest’s experience.

The most essential requirement of Arwana Perhentian Resort was a feature of flexibility in the software. 

They wanted customizable software in which they could make changes and personalize it based on their specific requirements. 

In this case study, you will find out how QloApps efficiently solved all the challenges of Arwana Perhentian Resort and helped their business grow exponentially. 

Appealing Booking Website of Resort

The appealing and customizable website of QloApps allows users to present their hotel attractively to their guests.

Arwana Perhentian Resort booking website

An attractive booking website helps in driving more traffic. Therefore, it leads to an increase in property booking rates and revenue. 

QloApps booking website allows users to customize the website specific to their property. 

sights of Arwana Perhentian Resort

The Arwana Perhentian Resort efficiently used the various features and functions of QloApps to showcase its amenities on the website’s home page.

Amenities of Arwana Perhentian Resort

They also showcased their various room types on the home page to ease the booking process for their guests. 

Rooms of Arwana Perhentian Resort

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface of QloApps allowed Arwana Perhentian Resort to launch an interactive website through which their guests can quickly book their rooms. 

Interface of of Arwana Perhentian Resort booking website

An interactive and easy-to-use website increases the conversion rate of visitors. It increased the bookings for the resort. 

Descriptive Room Type Information Pages

The informative and engaging pages of various room types listed on the website allow users to easily view all the necessary details of the property they want to book on a single page. 

Room information page of Arwana Perhentian Resort booking website

It eases their booking process and saves their time as well. 

Room information page of Arwana Perhentian Resort booking website

Booking of Services and Facilities

QloApps provides service product management and additional facilities management features to hoteliers. 

This feature allows guests to easily view and book all the services and additional facilities of the property from the website with rooms. 

Arwana Perhentian Resort efficiently used this feature for their resort. They added various buffet services and snorkelling activities as service products in QloApps.

Services of Arwana Perhentian Resort

Moreover, they also added the boat transfer facility as an additional facility in QloApps. Their guests can easily book these services and facilities directly from the QloApps booking website. 

additional facilities of Arwana Perhentian Resort

Attractive Sale Label

Arwana Perhentian Resort used the display sale label option of QloApps to display sale labels on the room type information pages. 

sale label in Arwana Perhentian Resort  rooms listing

The label helps notify guests about ongoing sales on room type pricing and attracts guests. 

Therefore, it helps in driving more revenue for the hotel business. 

Secure Payment Gateway Integrations

Arwana Perhentian Resort used the integrated payment gateways of QloApps to provide their guests with a seamless and secure checkout and payment process. 

Payment Gateway Integrations in booking website of Arwana Perhentian Resort

They used QloApps Stripe Payment Gateway to integrate Stripe Payment Gateway into the QloApps booking website.

They provided their guests with three modes of payment: Eghl payment gateway, Stripe Payment Gateway and Bank Wire. 

Blog Section on Website

Arwana Perhentian Resort leveraged the customizable nature of QloApps and added a new section of blogs for their guests. 

blogs section in booking website of Arwana Perhentian Resort

It helps in improving the SEO of the website. In addition, the blogs section also helps in increasing the website traffic and engagement rate.

Responsive Design of Booking Website

QloApps provides a responsive design website that adapts to different screen sizes. 

Mobile view of home page of Arwana Perhentian Resort
Mobile view of sights page of Arwana Perhentian Resort
Mobile view of interior page of Arwana Perhentian Resort
Mobile view of rooms page of Arwana Perhentian Resort

It ensures that the booking website launched by QloApps provides the same user experience to guests on any device, including laptops, mobile, desktops, and tablets. 

Property Management System

The resort manages the offline and online bookings seamlessly using the QloApps Property management system.

It helps them easily manage the daily operations like check-in check-out, and payments of the resort conveniently. 

Through the QloApps PMS, the user can efficiently manage the resort’s pricing, inventory, discounts, and various other website details.


QloApps played an essential role in the hotel business journey of Arwana Perhentian Resort. 

It provided them with an integrated PMS, booking website and booking engine. QloApps allowed them to customize the website based on their specific needs. 

QloApps helped Arwana Perhentian Resort to create a successful online hotel website through which they can showcase their offerings and take reservations for their hotel easily. 

You can take a look at further QloApps extensions to find add-ons that can enhance your web presence even more.

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