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Case Study La Mer Bleue Boutique Residence



La Mer Bleue: Greece’s Beachfront Boutique Residence Grew Online with QloApps 

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La Mer Bleue is a luxury and aesthetic Boutique residence situated on the coasts of the Corinth Gulf, a seaside blue oasis in Vrahati, Greece. 

This attractive and exclusive residence of Greece allows guests to enjoy the beach views from their room’s balcony.

This property provides all essential amenities and appliances to their guests to make their stay experience comfortable. It also offers a well-equipped kitchen for guests to prepare their meals.

La Mer Bleue Boutique Residence Website

La Mer Bleue is a perfect stay option for couples and families. It is an ideal place to stay, no matter whether your vacation is short or long.

This accommodation allows its guests to witness scenic views of the mountains and coastlines. They can easily explore the nearby beaches and historical attractions. 

With such unique offerings, La Mer Bleue utilized QloApps to build their property’s online presence in the digital market of the hospitality industry.  

Hospitality Industry In Greece

The hospitality industry of Greece is rapidly growing in terms of tourists and revenue. 

As per the recent travel and tourism report of Statista, the hotel market in Greece is expected to see a substantial increase in revenue, with projections indicating that it will reach US$1.25bn in 2024.

The Greece Hotel Market is segmented. It Mainly comprises small hotels and apartments with few hotel chains.

Hospitality Industry In Greece

The majority of stays in Greece are located near islands and coastal regions. These regions are popular tourist attractions and attract tourists all over the world.

The traveler’s preferences have changed from conventional hotels to sustainable hotels. Therefore, the hotels in Greece now follow eco-friendly tourism practices.  

The hotel industry of Greece is rising due to its diverse culture, attractive tourist destinations, and warm hospitality. 

What are the challenges faced by La Mer Bleue?

The major challenge faced by La Mer Bleue was to build an online presence for their unique stay. 

Not owning an online hotel website for their property resulted in a significant loss of business. They were also unable to create their brand identity in the market. 

La Mer Bleue Team wanted to launch a hotel website for their Boutique Residence. This website will help them reach their potential guests around the world. 

They required completely customizable software to build and launch a hotel website for their property.

 Therefore, they selected QloApps to fulfill their requirement of taking their Boutique Residences online.

QloApps is a free hotel reservation and management software. It provides a user-friendly hotel website with an integrated Booking Engine and PMS. 

Let’s explore how the La Mer Bleue Team efficiently used the features of QloApps to solve their challenges. 

Captivating Website for the Property

The engaging and attractive hotel website offered by QloApps increased visitor engagement and retention span.

La Mer Bleue Home Page

The customizable nature of the QloApps Website allowed the La Mer Bleue Team to set up the website as per their property theme.

La Mer Bleue interior section on Home Page

The different sections of the QloApps website helped them elegantly showcase their residence interior, amenities, and rooms.

La Mer Bleue amenities section on Home Page

Impressive Room Type Listing Page

La Mer Bleue Team leveraged QloApps to list and display the various types of rooms they offer on the website. 

QloApps helped them add various types of stay they offer, including apartments and suites on a single platform.

La Mer Bleue Rooms

Displaying diverse types of stay on the website attracts visitors to the property. Therefore, it can lead to an increase in booking rates and revenue. 

Mobile Responsive Hotel Website

With QloApps, La Mer Bleue Team has launched a hotel website accessible by guests from any device.

This responsive QloApps website works seamlessly on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. It loads quickly and adapts to any screen size in no time. 

Mobile Responsive La Mer Bleue Website
Mobile Responsive La Mer Bleue Website

Descriptive Room Type Pages

La Mer Bleue Team efficiently utilized the QloApps and displayed all information about their types of stay to their guests on the respective pages.

 La Mer Bleue  Room Type Pages

Displaying guests about all the amenities and features you will provide allows them to make informed decisions. 

In addition, it provides guests with better insights about the stay they are planning to book and increases the trust among the guests.

Multilingual Hotel Website

QloApps allows La Mer Bleue to launch a multilingual hotel website that translates into multiple languages. 

Multilingual Hotel Website

A website that supports multiple languages allows guests from any part of the world to explore the website in their native language. Therefore, it eases their booking process and adds a personal touch.

Catalog Mode in QloApps

QloApps hotel website transforms from a dynamic booking website to a display website through Catalog Mode. 

Catalog Mode on website

La Mer Bleue Team enabled the catalog mode of QloApps to disable booking of the rooms directly from the website in just one click.

SEO Optimization

The built-in SEO tools of QloApps helped the La Mer Bleue Team to improve their website’s ranking in search engine result pages.

High-ranked websites are more likely to be clicked by the guests. This free SEO management tool in QloApps helps in increasing the traffic on the website.  

End Note

QloApps successfully built the online presence of La Mer Bleue Boutique Residences.

The various useful features of QloApps, including an interactive website, SEO optimization, and multilingual support helped them create a perfect hotel website for their unique property.

QloApps improved the reach of their property and helped them stand out in this competitive hotel industry. 

The cost-effective and customizable QloApps Software helped La Mer Bleue scale its hotel business to the next level. 

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