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How Hotels Can Do Advertisements in Airports?

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It is common in the airport to see hotel advertisements. The airport is an airdrome where a lot of people fly from one country to another.

While making travel plans, customers need to book a hotel room for accommodation and food purposes. Hence, hotel booking is a requirement for travelers. 

advertising in airport

So increasing the advertisements of the hotel at the airport will be a preferable method. Each passenger who arrives at the airport will see the advertisements for your hotel. Therefore, they can know about the availability of your hotel in the city. 

Many passengers can view and read about your hotel. UK civil aviation studies show that 85% of passengers enjoy advertisements and the same 85% like to know about new products and services.

Hence advertising in airport will exponentially increase hotel booking

A backlit display is the form of illumination used in the LCD means liquid crystal display. Through the backlit display, you can play the hotel video, show beautiful hotel images, and much other information.

This type of advertisement attracts passengers, and they like them.

In the wraps and cling advertisement, advisement is done from where the passenger is passed. Like lifts, elevators, escalators, and travelators.

You can plan to show your advertisement for the food you are serving in the hotel. If your hotel is serving multi-cuisine food, then display that. Try to show the other activities and amenities of the hotel.

It is a useful advertisement because passengers will surely move out from this path, and you can attract them during that period.

Banners are advertisements on any long type of cloth hung in the public area. You can do the hotel marketing with all the necessary information on it. 

The information includes the hotel address, how to reach the hotel, distance from the airport, extra facilities and amenities in the hotel, and many others.

Hotel advertising in airport is also done through television and large screens. Here you can display your short video of your hotel.

Try to show the happy faces of your hotel guests & the feedback video will be the cherry on the cake. Show how to make the guest feel special and why your hotel is extraordinary for the stay.

Usually, Tv screens are placed in the lobby of the airport, lounges, waiting areas, and food courts. Their passengers stay for some time and wait for the flights.

Nowadays, people need the Internet everywhere. The airport authority provides free Internet services to passengers. Passengers connect to the wifi for free. 

They just need to enter some credentials and they can use the internet free of cost. Here also at the login page of the wifi connection, you can show advertisements of your hotel.

In the airport, there are many kinds of sitting arrangements present at the airport. You can put the advertisement on the back of the chairs and benches. This will be visible to all of the passengers.

So, all of the discussed above are the methods for doing hotel advertising in airport. Airport advertising is one of the most successful methods for the hotel industry to do its marketing.

Now we will know where hoteliers can do airport advertising.

Advertise your hotel at those airports from where your guest comes. It will be the airport of your city or many other airports in your nearby area.

Try to do the advertisements from those places from where the people are flying. Because there you can show passengers where you can stay once you reach the destination.

There is the marketing team of the airport. The hoteliers can contact the marketing team of the airport and ask them to advertise the hotel on their premises. 

There can be some formalities between the hotel and airport marketing teams. Ask them how many days you can do an advertisement. What will be the length of the advertisement? How many times can you advertise? Take all kinds of permission needed for airport advertising.

That’s how the hotel team can ask for ads airport places easily.

Advertisement at the airport is a very fruitful idea for the airport and the hotel both. The hotel gets its guests from the airport, and the airport has the monetary benefit from it.

Advertisements make the airport look beautiful and fancy, and the unused space gets used. Customers can easily check the finest hotel in the nearby area through the advertisement.

Also, advertisements at the airport help to build the hotel brand. Hence it is useful in the overall growth of the hotel.

Thanks for reading our article. I hope you liked our article. Please share your thoughts with us.

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