How to create an inclusive environment in your hotel to increase bookings?

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An inclusive environment in your hotel is possible when each and everyone have equal access to benefits and resources.

Inclusivity and diversity imply welcoming and including people from all walks of life, making each of them feel welcome when they walk through your door.

It makes no difference if someone has a disability or is from another country.

Adopting this environment, staff will work hard, produce higher quality work, and brand image improves.

Moreover, guests feel a sense of belongingness and will love to visit your hotel time and again.

People of different race, gender, countries are together to create inclusive hotel environment

There are a few key statistics to consider when it comes to inclusivity and diversity:

  • More than fifty percent of travelers believe it is critical that the organization they do business with, commits to diversity and inclusion.
  • Fifty percent of travelers are ready to pay an extra amount to book with firms that value diversity and inclusion.

A welcoming feeling and fair treatment are crucial for guests.

Hotels must remain open-mind and serve a larger demographic regardless of a customer’s age, gender, ethnicity, or abilities in order to cultivate a sense of belonging.

It’s obvious that transforming your hotel into a truly diverse and inclusive organization won’t happen quickly.

You shouldn’t pressurize yourself to make this change right now in order to remain competitive.

However, you must recognize the value of diversity in the hospitality sector, and you must do it immediately.

The nice part is that you may make this move one step at a time.

The most crucial step is to evaluate your present operational plan.

Examine everything carefully to make sure you understand everything.

Begin with the types of visitors that have been your bread and butter in the past.

Find out the experiences of your guests and which services they prefer if you’ve had a diverse group of visitors.

The most important thing is to get a sense of your hotel’s atmosphere.

This can help you figure out what part of the market you’re overlooking.

This allows you to penetrate such marketplaces and provide service to your target markets in a variety of communities.

Don’t overlook the importance of having a good diversity and inclusion plan in the hotel business.

Developing an inclusiveness plan does not imply that you will exclusively welcome a specific group. This is a poor strategy.

Your strategy’s major goal is to figure out where you’ll need to put your time, effort, and money.

For example, only invest in the services and amenities that your new target guests are likely to like.

This keeps you from going overboard and blowing your budget.

Furthermore, your plan should emphasize instilling a feeling of purpose and encouraging a strong commitment throughout the hotel.

Every department must share its dedication to welcoming all types of visitors. It’s crucial that this is a collaborative effort.

Packaging allows you to hide actual room pricing behind amenities that provide value to your guests’ stay.

If your hotel offers additional services like fitness classes and spa treatments.

So, bundle them with lodging for a fantastic value that encourages customers to take advantage of services they may not consider before.

Use your creativity to plan one-day conferences, poetry readings, art shows, and other cultural events for the week.

These are especially popular with people in their late 50s and early 60s, who, importantly, have the most disposable income.

Consider putting on an exhibition of student work in collaboration with local schools and colleges.

Promote your space to local businesses that could use it for meetings or social gatherings.

Target companies that have branches or offices elsewhere, as visiting delegates may require lodging.

You can also use newspaper advertisements and social media posts to offer free drinks or desserts to midweek visitors.

Weddings during the week are growing more common, especially for second marriages or older couples who enjoy the intimacy of a quieter affair, as more individuals work freelance or have flexible hours.

Make sure they don’t conflict with any upcoming company events or other activities that could detract from the ambiance.

Make use of special offers and make sure your guests are aware of them. Tell them in your pre-stay email and when they check in person.

Do this in October or November, and offer a discounted rate to groups planning Christmas and New Year parties at those establishments during the week.

Every night, hundreds of people arrive in town to look at new homes or launch new businesses, and they need a place to stay.

Offer special pricing and free promotion in your room brochure to the realtor or agent.

You may use it as a reward in Facebook competitions while also increasing likes.

Make contact with guests prior to their arrival. A simple smile can go a long way.

Make it simple for your visitors to contact you. Become an expert in your neighborhood.

Moreover, form alliances with local businesses and attractions. Make free and fast Wi-Fi available. Special occasions should be commemorated.

As you can check, there are various steps you can take to make an inclusive environment for your hotel and enjoy its benefits.

By transforming your hotel into a diverse and inclusive environment you can easily attract guests.

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