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Why you Need a Channel Manager for Property Management?

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The technology of the hotel industry has evolved over the years. The channel manager is one of the prime developments in the hotel industry. This software has changed the way hoteliers manage the hotels. 

Let us discuss how this software can help you scale your hotel business. 

What is Channel Manager

Channel Manager allows hotels to manage their property on multiple OTAs. It syncs the hotel’s inventory and rate across several channels.

These channels include online travel agencies, hotel websites, and social media. This software saves time and manual work. In addition, it helps increase the revenue and booking rates of the hotel.

Channel manager benefits property management in various ways. Some of the most essential reasons for using this software are:

Selling property across several channels was a tedious task in the past. It took a lot of time and effort from hoteliers. Moreover, there were high chances of error in this process.

This software helped hoteliers to manage their inventory on multiple channels.

It reduces the efforts that hoteliers will invest in updating the listing. It will save time and reduce the chances of error in this process. 

Any change made in the system reflects on all connected OTAs. It accurately displays the information about your property on all channels. 

The best benefit of this software is that it offers real-time sync. It updates the room inventory across all channels and PMS in real-time. 

It solves the problem of multiple bookings on a single inventory. Overbooking leads to unhappy customers and loss of hotel image and money. 

It ensures that your property’s availability is accurate on all channels. This feature of QloApps improves the guest experience. Moreover, it improved the booking rate and revenue for the hotel. 

This software allows hoteliers to set dynamic pricing for hotels. It enables them to change the prices of their rooms in response to demand, seasonality, and local events. 

Hotels can leverage these prices to drive customers to their hotels. They can create effective pricing strategies and boost their revenue. 

Benefits of Channel Manager

This efficient software decreases the chance of overbookings. It provides guests with accurate information about the hotel’s rates and inventory. 

Therefore, it fosters trust among guests and builds confidence. This positive brand image among guests drives bookings to the hotel. 

The dynamic pricing feature allows visitors to find rooms at affordable prices. They can find hotels that fit their needs and budget. It increases their happiness with the booking experience.

It offers insightful reports on the booking patterns of the hotel, channel effectiveness, and revenue creation.  

Property managers can use this information to discover channels that operate well. 

Also, they can use these reports to evaluate the success of pricing plans and draft successful marketing strategies. 

Here are some recommendations to help you choose the channel manager for your property. 

  1. You should ensure your channel manager connects with your property management system (PMS). It will ease your bookings management Process. Any booking that you will receive on PMS or any channel will automatically update on other channels. 
  2. Select a channel manager with all the necessary features. It should include reporting, dynamic packaging, and real-time pricing. 
  3. If you want assistance, seek out a channel manager specialist. 

A channel manager can efficiently help you manage your hotel’s inventory on multiple platforms. 

It allows you to add and update your data from a single platform. Moreover, this software help you save your time and manual efforts. 

It reduces the chances of error when you update the rates and inventory of your hotel. Moreover, it eliminates the chances of overbooking.  

You can easily monitor and compare your hotel’s performance on various OTAs through the dashboard insights of this effective software. 

We can conclude that a channel manager benefits your hotel business in many ways. It eases your property management process so that you can focus on your guests. 

I hope this article was able to explain to you the use and benefits of channel manager software for your hotel business. 

If you are looking for a channel manager for your property, I suggest you try QloApps Channel Manager

QloApps provides a subscription-based channel manager for hoteliers. It also provides a 15-day free trial period. 

In this free trial, you can explore the features of the software. It also provides free setup and consultation services. 

You can connect with the QloApps support team to learn more about this software. 

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