Why QloApps on-desk bookings feature is essential in this pandemic?

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Do you know QloApps on-desk booking feature, is the need of the hour? If not, then you are at the right place.

Covid-19 pandemic pushes everyone to adopt a hybrid working environment to support social distancing and keeps everyone safe.

There has been a cultural shift in terms of what it means and looks like to ‘go to work’.

Earlier, hoteliers perceive value in working from hotel spaces.

But pandemic makes it normal for them to work from home.

Therefore, to be productive like before, one needs to use technology to its fullest.

Hence, choosing the correct flexible on-desk solution has never been more important for hotel leaders.

Even after post-pandemic, you must continue to use it as it is imperative to manage your hotel successfully and efficiently.

on-desk booking feature of QloApps

It is an open-source hotel reservation system that helps you to launch your beautiful looking website.

This system is available for free of cost and is highly customizable.

It has a beautiful landing and a user-friendly interface.

And there are many more features in it.

With Qloapps you can do on desk bookings as well.

It shows all rooms’ occupancy status whether they are full, partially full or empty, and you can instantly book rooms from the backend.

You can also store customer information such as their names, addresses and payments made by them.

on-desk booking feature

Section 1: Here you can select dates for bookings, select hotel name and rooms.

Clicking on the ‘Search’ Button will display all the rooms available in that hotel.

Section 2: This section shows both the calendar and occupancy status of rooms in the selected hotel.

Section 3: This section presents detailed information on different rooms and room number and occupancy status.

You can then select any room and allot it to the guests.

Let’s look at the benefits of QloApps on-desk booking feature:

With hotel reservation systems the hoteliers can resolve guest booking issue online at any time from anywhere.

If a guest is facing a problem in booking then they can contact hoteliers and ask them to book the room of their choice.

The hoteliers will not have to do any manual entry or depend on any other system.

With QloApps hotel reservation system, one can easily reserve a room/rooms from the backend at the desired date range.

Then go to the “Hotel Reservation System” tab and select the “Book Now” option.

In this all the data is managed in real-time.

Hence, it not only eliminates manual task but also manages the booking of rooms on behalf of the guest.

When information is available online it means visitors can easily check rooms and their availability from anywhere.

And book a room as per their needs. They can add as many rooms to their cart as they want.

Afterwards, make an online payment. This means they do not have to call or visit a hotel to know its availability.

If they are planning their visit on a future date then also bookings are possible on the future date range.

This way overall occupancy of the hotel will increase.

Ultimately, hoteliers can boost their sales which eventually increases the hotel’s profit.

When checking the dates range of the room availability is possible through laptop, tablets or mobile.

Users can easily book a room while staying in their comfort zone.

Customers don’t have to wait for making bookings or in the worst-case scenario turn to your competitors.

This way visits are easily converted into revenue.

The hotel calendar is always full and they can enjoy a competitive advantage.

Furthermore, as it is so simple to make direct bookings.

It helps in increasing the direct and commission-free reservation of rooms and hotels.

Now, hoteliers do not have to pay commission to a third party and in this way, they can increase their revenue.

As social distancing is the need of the hour, this feature will fulfil this need efficiently.

The bookings are easily possible online and even with QloApps Hotel Virtual Tours.

Click here to know more about QloApps Hotel Virtual Tour |Interactive Virtual Reality module

Guests can take a whole look at the hotel and its room before making a booking.

Thus, they can book a room after taking the virtual trip.

Moreover, guests across the globe can see the room availability before finalizing the booking.

Even before the pandemic employees have an innate desire to include flexibility in working.

The option of working from home is available to them when they need or want it. And pandemic makes it possible.

QloApps on-desk booking feature makes it convenient for hoteliers to control bookings from anywhere.

They can easily manage the entire on-desk job through an online system.

All the check-ins and check-outs can be managed through one system.

Reservations of the room of guest choice are easily possible.

Even cancellation or reallocation of rooms is also possible at the request of guests.

Before the online system, it was a difficult task for hoteliers to keep eye on the room occupancy status.

But with the on-desk booking feature of QloApps hotel reservation system, hoteliers can easily keep an eye on it.

Hoteliers can view the statistics of the availability of rooms in their hotels.

Visual indication plays a significant role in this as different colours are used to display room availability status.

  • Green is for available rooms
  • Yellow is for partially available rooms and;
  • Red is for unavailable rooms.

So, hoteliers can check which rooms are available easily.

They can also check the date till which rooms are available, unavailable or partially available and allocate accordingly.

From the esteemed corners of the article we can find out the numerous benefits one can avail from on-desk feature of QloApps.

When you are getting so many benefits at free of cost then why not give it a try and enjoy its benefits.

Please share views in the comment box.

If you want to learn about the functionality of QloApps then you can visit this link: QLO Reservation System – Free Open-Source Hotel Booking & Reservation System

In case of any query, issue or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum

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