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Why Qloapps For Hotel Reservation System

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In today’s Hotel business it is highly recommended to use automated systems to handle complex or manual tasks and make an online presence. A good hotel reservation system must have two things:

First, option to create a website and second, a booking engine that allows you to manage all your hotel operations and give your customers options to book rooms online.

Webkul Pvt. Ltd. brings all these necessary elements together in Qloapps!

Qloapps is an open-source and free of cost Hotel Reservation System (HRS) that doesn’t just helps you create a beautiful looking website rather giving you various features to bring ease to your daily complex works on just click of a button. Though is has numerous unique features, it is customizable according to the need of a hotelier.

Now I’ll be listing those features which makes QLOAPPS a must-have for Hotel Reservation System


Download Qloappps, install on your server, upload your data and launch you hotel website. Now with Qloapps you can synchronize your rooms, display rates and availability of rooms to users. You can upload high quality pictures of rooms and display room features to help users make clear choices and book rooms online. This not only increases Hotel revenue but helps you make clients easily rather than depending only on Online Travel Agencies.


No need to worry about maintaining data of rooms on registers. With Qloapps you can do on desk bookings as well. Its shows all the occupancy status of rooms whether they are full, partially full or empty, and you can instantly book rooms for arrived guests. You can also store customer information such as their names, addressees and payments made by them.

Section 1 – Here you can select dates for bookings, select hotel name and rooms. Hitting the ‘Search’ Button will display all the rooms available in that hotel.

Section 2 – This section shows both the calendar and occupancy status of rooms in the selected hotel.

Section 3 – This section presents detailed information of different types of rooms along with room number and their occupancy status. You can then select any room and allot it to the guests.



Thinking of having an advance payment option? Well Qloapps has this option as well! You can set an advanced payment option for your customers so they can initially pay advance to confirm their booking and pay the rest when they check-in your hotel.

Customer-end Advance payment screenshot 1

Section 1 – When a customer approaches to checkout he gets 2 options for payment, Full and Advance Payment. If he selects the advance payment option then the amount to be paid is displayed as shown in the screenshot.



Customer-end Advance payment screenshot 2

Section 1 after clicking ‘OK’ button – Here the advance payment is shown along with the due amount.

Section 2 – The cart shows breaks down payments showing the Total cost of rooms booked, Advance amount, Due amount and the amount being paid at that  moment.



Back-end Advance payment screenshot

Section 3 – The advance payment option is available for each room type. You can Enable/Disable this option from

Hotel Reservation System -> Settings -> Hotel General Configuration -> Advance Payment Global Setting.

Here we had opted to apply Advance payment type in Percentage (%).



Online payment has become a standard mode of payment nowadays. That is why we have integrated Paypal gateway as it is the most popular payment gateway. Not only Paypal, if you’d like to integrate any other payment gateway, our developers will get it done for you.

To update or change settings : Go to – Hotel Reservation System -> Settings -> Payment Module Setting


Back-end Paypal payment Settings screenshot



Customer-end Paypal payment process:

Step 1 – Customer selects Paypal payment method



Step 2 – A page appears that redirects a customer to Payment gateway after 10 seconds.



Step 3 – Finally the Paypal gateway opens up a form to be filled by customer before payment.




It is very tedious for a customer to book multiple hotel rooms in one go, as in most of the websites/Online Travel Agencies customer has to book different hotel rooms separately. But Qloapps has the solution for this, customers can easily add multiple hotel rooms in single cart and book them effortlessly.



Suppose a customer cancels his trip due to some reason and you want to refund the booking amount, with Qloapps you can manage refund rules and complete the refund process without any complications.


Location wise search helps travelers find hotels in their desired place of visit. Qloapps provides a location wise search on landing page through which travelers can search city wise, state wise or country wise and check availability of rooms between desired rates.




Search results

Section 1 – This Search box is similar to the one on the landing page.

Section 2 – The rooms available according to the search query are displayed here with prices, room features,max capacity,reviews and number of rooms left and quantity of a room, which can be increased or decreased. The rooms on this page can be sorted by ratings and price.

Section 3 – Customers can use filters to refine your search for ideal room.



Reviews and testimonials help tremendously customers to make decisions. Testimonials are proof of customers’ satisfaction which encourage future customers to trust in your services and feel secure while investing their money. With Qloapps you can display testimonials on landing page and promote your hotel.




Managing tax is no big issue with Qloapps. You get options to create city and state taxes and tax rules so you can apply them on your room rates as per the requirements.


Informing your customers about confirmed booking is a must to avoid any confusion. Qloapps has the instant e-mail notification feature which sends alerts to your customers about confirmed bookings thus increasing trust in your website.


One more extraordinary feature provided by Qloapps is the Room Reallocation option. Suppose if a customers needs a room in top floor instead of first floor, then you can easily reallocate with this option in a click of a button.


A good way to attract customers to give them discounts. Qloapps has option for you to create multiple discount offers for various types of customers. You can provide discount vouchers on whole cart or on certain rooms indirectly tempting them to book rooms in your hotel.


Since your website will be accessed by visitors around the world, it will be difficult for them to understand your services if its not presented in their language. Qloapps can easily manage translations i.e you can translate your website in multiple languages. In addition, it also supports multiple currencies thus allowing your customers to view price of the rooms in their currencies.

Screenshots showing drop down option to change language and currency from footer.





Qloapps helps you manage unlimited rooms and hotels. Hotels have different room types with different room features, with Qlo you can add unlimited types of rooms for with different prices.If you have hotel chain, you can add multiple hotels with multiple rooms to your website helping you manage all in just one platform.


A website needs to be user friendly. Our Qloapps is built to bring ease of use to users through quick check-out process and an easy to manage back-end interface for you.


You can increase popularity of your website by search engine optimization. By this search engines will be able to put your hotel website in higher rankings, i.e increasing online traffic and revenue opportunity.


For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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