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What technological trends you should focus on for your hotel’s growth?

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For your hotel’s growth, implement technological trends that are reshaping the hotel industry.

Today, more and more people are looking for advanced facilities.

Slowly slowing advanced technologies were seeping into the market, but the Covid-19 pandemic necessitates these advancements abruptly.

The reason is evident, the taste and expectations of guests changes because they want a safer stay in the hotel.

Adopting these technologies will benefit both the guests and the hoteliers.

How? You are meeting guest preferences and you are benefitting by using these trends for your hotel growth.

You will have a variety of cost-saving as well as revenue opportunities.

For instance, using chatbots, communication flows smoothly 24/7.

Hence, allowing your hotel to earn profits.

hotel's growth  depicted by blue base, white bar graphs

Let’s look at these technological trends that work in favor of your hotel’s growth:

Guests love this technology because they do not have to stand in queues to wait for their turn in order to receive the room key.

That’s why kiosks and mobile check-in are in demand and are going to stay.

In this, guests only have to check their name, email, and booking number, or scan their government-issued ID at a self-service kiosk.

Moreover, it eliminates human error. Even if the staff are knowledgeable and trained, it is inevitable to avoid human error.

Consequently, hotel owners can save a considerable amount on labor costs.

There is a vast number of digital platforms where you have listed your hotel, answering questions on all the platforms is a tough task.

Apart from that, you need a dedicated team to do so. But with chatbots, your team can focus on other crucial tasks.

Chatbots are useful for giving a rapid response to guests’ queries like bookings, hotel rooms, amenities, discounts, and more.

Integrate chatbots on your website to engage website visitors in real-time.

When all their queries are resolved at their convenience, they will not wait in making reservations.

Ultimately, it increases sales and profit.

Mobile phones are handy and almost everyone uses them across the globe.

Then, why not give your guests the option to lock and unlock their room from their cell phones.

Switch from swipe cards or lock and key systems to smartphones and applications to ease the check-in and check-out in the hotel room.

It will eliminate the chances of getting infected. Apart from that, guests can instantly enter and exit the room.

There are other benefits too like saving money from printing plastic cards which damages the environment and chances of losing or demagnetization of a keycard.

There are various technologies that are useful for the management of a hotel and increasing bookings.

Firstly, using Property Management System to manage, streamline and simplify the day-to-day hotel operations.

For instance, performing housekeeping duties, reservations, inventory management, and other facilities operations.

Hotel Booking Engine to process and capture direct bookings on your hotel websites or social media pages.

Hence, hotels will save on commission fees which they have to pay to Online Travel Agencies, and also they are not dependent on them for bookings.

Lastly, the channel manager to increase exposure and bookings.

The hotel channel manager is an online cloud-based technology solution. It helps you to simultaneously sell all of your rooms on all of the linked booking sites.

The reason is that it will automatically update your availability on all sites in real-time whenever there is a reservation or bulk changes in inventory.

To deliver a better guest experience, you need guests. So, here comes marketing.

Every hotel collects huge customer data, so for their better utilization, implement it alongside Artificial Intelligence.

And increase your marketing presence by showing-off topics that you think your customers can relate to and grab their attention.

Moreover, you can also combine Artificial intelligence with predictive analysis to better understand text, images, and videos.

Predictive analysis collects data from various sources including traditional data and from modern sources reviews on websites, and social media.

It can also use related data like flight timing, customer arrival day, and more to consolidate information and present it in visual models.  

With any AI system, data is processed quickly and analyzed more efficiently.

Combining them helps hotels to better understand how different environmental factors may influence factors like the bookings of rooms.

Two ways you can provide smart room service, one by removing the plastic menu and instead of it displaying the menu on the guest’s phone.

Another option is to set up smart occupancy sensors.

With menus on mobile phones, you don’t need to replace plastic menus again and again which saves cost, and time.

Furthermore, it eradicates the problem of miscommunication which happens in human interaction.

For instance, someone orders bilberries, but the food counter person hears blueberries.

Moreover, with smart occupancy sensors, you can send push menu notifications to guests’ smartphones at times when guests are relaxing in their rooms.

These notifications can also include customized suggestions based on past order history.

Online reputation management is the requirement of hoteliers to manage their reputation on the internet or digital platforms.

The online reputation of a hotel brand is impacted by the posts they are distributing.

Moreover, the comments and likes of their guests, activity on social networking sites, and more.

As nowadays people are always online scrolling through stuff, the online reputation of the brand will determine its bookings.

Hence, it is crucial to create a solid identity for your brand.

Consequently, use online reputation management to track your brand reputation.

Use it to understand the reason for negative reviews and comments and work on improving your hotel and its services to attract guests.

We can conclude that new technologies are rapidly entering the market and they are improving the performance.

Hence, if you are not adopting it, then you will lag behind. The technologies mentioned above are important for the hotel’s growth.

And you visitors will be pleased to know their presence in your hotel.

Please share views in the comment box.

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