What is touchless visitor management? How it improves the hotel industry?

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The visitor management system is a solution that enables hotels to register and monitor each guest coming into a property.

The popularity of touchless visitor management system increases after pandemic and will continue in future.

It will speed up the check-in and check-out process, make contactless hotel operations and generate revenue.

Hotel officials can record the guest and tourist information for future reference using the visitor management system, 

They can keep track of reservations, send a note to the guest and identify the unexpected guests by checking their past records.

In this blog first, we take a look at the features of the visitor management system.

Then we will find out ways through which it improves hotel industry.

Visitor management system is use to accommodate, welcome and serve the needs of hotel guests.

It will scan and keep the records of hotel guests. Thus, enabling to easily identify frequent visitors.

And serve their needs in more efficient ways.

Modern visitor management solutions are often integrated with a two-way video intercom system with remote door release.

This allows anyone to remotely verify and authorize visitors from anywhere.

The best intercom system for businesses has a quick turnaround time, offers a better experience to guests and visitors, and helps reduce costs.

This is an important characteristic of any good visitor entry system.

Hospitality businesses that are hosting large meetings can easily pre-register attendees to ensure a fluid experience during the conference.

In addition to saving time, this helps capture important visitor data that can provide insights for decision making.

The system can also be connected to health check features to ensure safety for everyone.

A tool is only as good as it is easy to use.

The right visitor management solution should be highly usable for both visitors and end users.

Admins should be able to pre-schedule visitors and perform tasks via an intuitive dashboard.

will become more popular in the post-COVID world.

This technology ensures health safety and can arrest the spread of the flu, common cold, and other highly infectious diseases.

Many touchless visitor management systems are based on the cloud – which allows for remote access from any device or location.

Mobile compatibility is another option for a touchless system as users can simply tap a button on their phone to unlock the door.

Without the need to touch a common button. Some systems use QR codes to enable a touchless sign-in process.

It ensures the safety of guests by eliminating the contact between guets and hoteliers.

Thus, protecting their health and ensuring safety.

In addition, they make for a stable, socially distant identity authentication solution.

The data of hotel will be safe and secure. So, it will ensure cyber security also.

The cloud also uses encryption methods with complex algorithms to secure data.

Hence, there will be two types of security cyber security and safety and security of guets.

In the hotel industry, first impression is extremely important.

Guests can turn their back and leave the hotel if they did not warmly welcome them.

Using visitor management system can improve user experience.

Guests can pre-register their details and book room. So, they need not to wait in the queue in reception.

Further, when hoteliers know the time and date with the likes and preferences of guests.

They can prepare early and personalize guests experience.

For frictionless access to safe hospitality access points, some technologies use video intercom with door unlock.

In hospitality, the technology that is in line with existing developments goes a long way.

This is particularly true for the solutions right at the front door that initiate first experiences.

It can process data of previous guests within few minutes.

Guests can easily identified with unique identification number, verified mobile number, biometric data, etc.

Thus, it is time consuming, cost efficient and safeguard the interest of guests.

Touchless solutions for visitor management streamline processes and improve quality of services hotel provide.

Further, it helps to easily get insights and make sound decisions.

Thus, guests will be happy and content with the hotel services.

Post pandemic people are more cautious and don’t want to visit any hotel which not give importance to health of guests.

The proper sanitization and giving utmost importance to health of guests is in the priority list.

If you ask any potential guests what they are looking for before visiting a hotel.

To eliminate typical contact surfaces, some visitor management systems have touchless sign in.

It is also possible to combine visitor management software with other resources to enforce enhanced safety steps.

For instance, limiting the number of guests, regular health check-up of employees, etc.

These way, you can protect the health of staff and employees and be in the good books of customers.

An efficient visitor management enables hoteliers to manage all the operations of hotel from dashboard only.

There is no need to keep track records of each and everything. It will do all the major and minor recordings.

It will capture and store demographic data from guests and tourists, scan and store information.

These information includes business card details, picture of guests, verify visitor’s mobile number and more.

Further the tool is simple and easy to operate for both visitors and end users.

With powerful dashboard, admin can easily manage pre-arrival of guests and execute their task efficiently.

With old ways, of identifying guests and keeping records in the paper was too time consuming and not effective.

Visitor management system can easily blacklist unwanted guests, keep records of guests.

Moreover, identify old guests and allow pre-registration.

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