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How QloApps dashboard and stats help you to build a better business?

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Many hoteliers are using the dashboard and stats to track real-time performance.

Because due to numerous information, data management is problematic and challenging.

But, the hospitality industry dashboards make these activities much simpler by showing the main indicators in one place.

Hence, these display functions and main indicators help users to make better decisions and run their establishments.

QloApps dashboard and stats helps build better business

Below are the few benefits of dashboard and stats for business.

The dashboard helps to access information that shows whether the revenue earn by hotels is enough or not.

Thus, helps to access strategies and make changes accordingly.

Eventually making it competitive in the market.

Dashboard and stats collect and showcase multiple data at a place.

It provides reliable and relevant data for those in the hospitality industry to run their businesses.

Hence, making it easier to look at the facts and thus saves a lot of time.

Therefore, hospitality manager can easily compile reports and deliver efficient and effective work.

Dashboard and stats help businesses to reduce their expenses, increase profits.

It provides an unbiased view of the overall performance of the business.

Thus, these help to make a better business decision backed by rich data.

You can see a continuous change in data.

You and your users can filter data instead of presenting static statistics and see changes in charts to know improvements over time.

This means you can get as much or as little information as you want.

Look at the options and the benefits QloApps offer which helps your business.

Each section discusses the importance of the various statistics available in depth.

The main tab reloads with the latest up-to-date statistics by tapping on each of the sections open to you in the sidebar of the “Statistics” category.

By default, the page shows the stats dashboard.

It is an overview of the main numbers the QloApps program has collected since the launch of the online hotel reservation system.

On the top of the page, a bar is available which help you choose the period for current display of statistics.

Three options are available:

  • Present-day, month or year.
  • The preceding day, month or year.
  • Specific period selection( from and to dates).

The dashboard contains 5 sections:

Within a single table, QloApps gives you the most important number that it collects for the period of admin’s choice.

Further, it tells about visitors, new registrations, placed orders, booked rooms, percentage of registrations, percentage of orders, revenue.

It is an indicator of the performance of your hotel reservation system.

This segment addresses what payment forms the guests are most likely to use.

Depending on these numbers, you might choose to customize your hotel to best cater for the most common approaches.

By visiting your site the guests can pick the language of their choice, and through this section, you can see the language distribution.

When you are using more than one currency, this section will help you see which one is most used by your guests.

This section out lists your hotel’s best customers/ guests.

Further, it indicates their email address, how many times they have visited the website and how much they have invested so far.

This section contains information by providing the rooms sold and revenue generated.

Each segment highlights the most popular discounts, vouchers, and catalog price rules you’ve created and delivered.

Either individually or through a promotional program. It also shows the turnover and number of vouchers used.

This section displays your best-selling room types.

Using this list, you can classify your key rooms and determine.

Whether to take steps to increase or decrease the costs or offer discounts on a specific room.

It looks at which operating system your user is using.

Hence, make sure that your hotel is fully compatible with all of your visitors’ platforms.

You can see whether all your rooms have enough images, their sales performance and their current stock status.

This section contains practical information about the rooms sold in your online website and your catalog as a whole.

Hence, they can select hotels by using the drop-down option.

This page shows a graph showing the number of guests accounts generated in your online store.

Hence, you can assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategies with this information.

This page displays the statistics of newsletter subscription.

Usually, it helps to increase the traffic to your website.

This page tells you which pages in your catalog people attempt to reach but were not able to locate.

It contains information about gender distribution, age ranges, country distribution, currency distribution, and language distribution.

It gives you an overview of your current stock.

In this, two diagrams demonstrate the progression of bookings.

Eventually, you can sort them by country, using the drop-down menu at top right.

This page shows you what keywords you entered into a search engine.

This is the homepage of stats. Therefore, it presents a view of hotel statistics.

This segment shows the number of visitors on your website currently.

And the pages they are looking at.

With the use of graphs, this page gives you the top ten sites and search engines that have sent visitors to you.

The page gives you statistics on visitors to your website and the number of times they are opening your website.

There are numerous things which affect a business.

And a dashboard helps to summarize date. Eventually, making them easy to understand.

It depicts the real-time data and provides real-time results.

It simplifies the data into more manageable bits of visual information.

Hence, you can see what you’re doing well and where you need to change.

Please share views in the comment box.

If you want to learn about the functionality of QloApps then you can visit this link: QLO Reservation System – Free Open-Source Hotel Booking & Reservation System

In case of any query, issue or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum

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