What Indian hotels can do to attract international tourists?

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International tourism plays a vital role in the country’s development. It boosts the country’s economy and increases the foreign currency exchange in the country. For this, hoteliers should know how to attract international tourists.

For a country like India, which has any number of world heritages that attract the international visitor. When they visit India, provide them with an extraordinary experience so that we can create customer retention.

Hotels are the place where any tourist arrives and spends most of the time. It serves as an accommodation for them.

It is the place where the tourist stays during the trip. They look for other hotel facilities like laundry, room service, restaurants, bars, gyms, and many others.

They are responsible to provide a buffet breakfast for the staying tourist in the hotel so that they can give a quick start for the day.

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The hotel’s staff also plays a vital role in the tourist attraction. For a country like India, we have a popular Hindi slang “Atithi Devo Behav!” which means Guest is God.

Hotel staff should give warm welcome to the guest and treat them to the next level. Take care of each requirement needed by them so that they can feel the warm hospitality of India.

India has the advantage to attract tourists because of the Taj Mahal i.e one of the seven wonders of the world.

Also, India has all kinds of destinations like hills, mountains, land, beaches, and many others. So for all 12 months of the year, India can attract tourists in any region.

Hoteliers can follow a few of the methods to attract international customers.

It is important to know who is your tourist, then only you can do the further preparation for their hospitality.

India mostly has the maximum number of international customers from Bangladesh and the United States of America. Bangladesh is the neighboring country of India which shares the border. Whereas the USA is a political friend of India therefore India has a relaxed system for visas.

Indian culture and traditions attract a lot to the Americans. Therefore, to explore new they visit India.

It is important to do the publicity of your hotel. The information you’re conveying through advertisement should be relevant.

Make sure the language you are using in the advertisement ( text and vocal) should in the tourist regional language. For language translation, you can use the Google Translate addon on the website of hotel.

how to attract international tourists by marketing

Generally, basic information like facilities, amenities, and other technology used in hotels can be advertised. After that, share your room rates also. You can share information like the website, contact number, and similar details.

You can use social media for digital marketing.

If your website is not optimized for multi-language and multi-currency, you will probably see a lot of abandoned bookings.

Visitors may adore your website or the pictures of your property, but if they can’t read about your amenities in their native tongue or examine prices in their local currency, they will look for another accommodation

Not all of your website’s priorities should be translated. You might want to provide translated pamphlets or audio tours to give visitors an idea of what to do and see during their stay. This will give international visitors the best experience.

In India, the maximum number of international tourists is from USA and Bangladesh. Therefore the tourist guide and hotel staff should know Bangla and the English language.

A carefully considered branding strategy will help you in many ways to draw tourists. It will offer your hotel much-needed brand value.

Most importantly, consistent branding is essential for operational success. Since it makes your hotel more recognizable to your target market.

On your hotel’s website, you should provide all the details a visitor would need. In hotel’s website mention, Why and how is your hotel better to cater to those foreign visitors?

What distinguishes you from others? Give your potential guest some good reasons to make a reservation with you.

Give them a virtual tour of your hotel on your website. If visitors are given a chance to view the accommodation and other amenities they can think of do a booking with you.

After the pandemic, Covid -19, the Indian government passed guidelines for hotels and ports. The travelers are supposed to have vaccination certificates. The airports are suggested to maintain social distancing and to take care of the proper sanitization process.

Indian hotels are guided to keep the sanitization process proper in the hotel and also conduct the vaccination program for employees.

International travelers looking for those hotels that follow covid guidelines carefully and keep the hotel premises sanitized.

Travel sites and blogs can have a huge reach, so it’s worth contacting any that you think might be useful.

By providing bloggers with a complimentary stay, you can persuade them to provide a review of your place and resort, garnering you exposure in their home nation and beyond.

Developing relationships with local periodicals can also be a powerful driver of foreign traffic.

Nowadays business traveler stays in a hotel for a longer duration. They like to visit the city when they have free time.

Try to influence them with the hospitality and culture of your hotel. Provide them a token gift that they remember you. When any business traveler stays at your hotel inform them about the holiday packages of the hotel. How you can provide the best experience to them?

How to attract international tourists, is not limited to getting new customers only you have to focus on how you can retain the old customers too.

That’s all for “What Indian hotels can do to attract international tourists?”

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