Multiple Languages and Currencies

Multiple Languages and Currencies

QloApps, by default, supports multiple languages and currencies. It is a multilingual website easily which accepts multi-currencies. 

Customers of different countries can view the price of the rooms and compare them in their local currency. As the website accepts online payment. So at the checkout page, they can make payments, and receive refunds in their local currency (if in case the customer cancels bookings). You can have prices automatically translated using the current market exchange rate, or manually converted using an exchange rate of your choosing.

Moreover, the QloApps, by default, supports approximately 25 languages that you can use. Other than these languages, you can also import any language of your choice.

But even if you want, you can take the help of translators to translate the language. We in QloApps provides you translation tool for your website.

Thus, you can easily handle your website languages and edit translations of your website.

It makes it easier for you to not wait for translators or spend a single penny on website translation.

Benefits of having multiple languages and currencies

  • Customers can view the price of the rooms in those currencies with which they are familiar. And the same thing applies to the website. Thus, it will make your website more readable to customers.
  • Rank higher in the search result pages because the competition is low. Not many websites support multi-languages and currencies.
  • Now, you can reach and attract vast traffic to your website. When your website customers from your country as well as from other countries. 
  • It brings higher conversions and increases Return On Investment.
  • It will help you to bring about higher conversions and increase return on investments.
  • You can gain a competitive advantage over other hotel reservation websites.
  • The bounce rate will decrease when customers can easily understand the language and currencies displaying on the website.


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