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What are aparthotels and why are they rising?

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In modern times, remote work is becoming the preferred mode of working for majority of the business guests. 

To cater to the work and travel needs of the travelers, a new way of accommodation is in trend, which is Aparthotels. 

In this blog, we will discover about the aparthotels and why are they rising.

In simple words, the apart-hotels are called apartment hotels or serviced apartments. These stays offer fully furnished apartments with amenities similar to home such as living areas, kitchens, and separate bedrooms.

As we have seen in recent years the increase of bleisure travel has increased significantly. With remote working normalized worldwide, the travel business has only increased. This created an opportunity for the hotels to cater to their guest’s needs by offering service apartments. 

Aparthotels QloApps

Serviced apartments are designed in a way to make the guests feel at home. They are equipped with all the home comforts such as a kitchen, living room, fitness facilities, and regular housekeeping. 

These facilities allow guests to cook their own meals. relax on a comfortable sofa and enjoy their privacy. 

The guests can enjoy their independent space of living in an apartment while receiving the daily housekeeping from aparthotel. The housekeeping provides additional services such as dry cleaning, laundry, and ironing services. 

One of the notable features of aparthotel is allowing their guests to cook their own food. However, if you are someone who doesn’t want to cook, the serviced hotels provide their own “in-house” restaurants which allows guests to enjoy the fine dining. 

These onsite restaurants make sure guests offer guests the experience of both worlds. 

Aparthotels also caters to business travelers by offering them their own co-working spaces. These workspaces include meeting rooms, conference spaces, reliable internet connections, workstations or desks, and many other facilities. 

As we have discussed, the serviced hotels attract business travelers, they often have to be situated at convenient locations. 

Most of the aparthotels are situated in the central location of the city or near a transportation hub. 

This makes a perfect spot for business travelers to experience authentic and local experiences of the area during their stay while not compromising on the work.

The service apartments are not only restricted to business trips but also for regular people. If you are stuck in a situation where your family is visiting you for a long period, your accommodation may not suffice for their daily needs. 

This is where the service apartments shine the most. You can book these hotels for your family which already provide all the basic amenities and extended stays. This is an affordable and easy way to manage unexpected guests. 

Since the aparthotel not only has bedrooms but also has kitchens and living space, they require more maintenance than a traditional hotel room. 

The property managers make sure to check every issue that happens during short and extended stays. Also, the property managers make sure to fix any issues that occur as soon as possible.  

At first glance, a service apart may appear as an expensive deal as it has various other facilities apart from a normal stay. However, unlike traditional hotels that charge you for each unit, the serviced apartments charge you on the number of occupants. 

This is beneficial if you are planning for a longer stay. Also, the business trips are much more affordable. 

You can also look for discounts that are offered on longer stays. By considering all these points you can enjoy all the benefits at a nominal rate, which makes a service hotel a value-for-money deal.  

Staying in serviced hotels means having so many facilities. You will be provided with fully functional kitchen and laundry services. Which means you don’t have to pack too much. Even if intend to stay for a longer period, there’s no need to worry. 

Having less luggage will provide ease on your trip. 

In a regular hotel, guest check-in and checkout are ongoing on a regular basis. Not only this, the housekeeping staff also creates disturbance with their untimed services. This creates a scenario of an unpleasant stay. 

In this scenario, a serviced hotel can be beneficial for you. They offer weekly housekeeping services and even allow guests to choose their convenient time for the service. 

Key features of apart hotels

So, this was all about the aparthotels and why are they rising. I hope you enjoy reading my article. 

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