Ways hotels can cut cost without compromising on guests stay.

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Post pandemic, if hoteliers are looking for ways hotels can cut cost without compromising on guests stay.

Then look nowhere. We know that COVID-19 outbreak spark travel bans because of social distancing protocols around the globe.

Consequently, leading to a dramatic decrease in guest numbers even after unlock.

Hotels and airlines businesses have suffered an unprecedented amount of losses due to the shut-down of their business.

Thus, reducing your expenses is undoubtedly at the forefront of your issues at this time.

ways hotels can cut cost without compromising on guest stay

So, here in this blog have written few ways hotels can cut cost without compromising on guest stay.

Have a look into the following ways.

Save cost on energy by adopting energy conversation practices like upgrading lighting, updating the HVAC system.

It will not only reduce cost but also enhance the guest’s experience.

You can switch to halogen or incandescent light bulbs, they are affordable and saves energy.

Further, controlling lighting is crucial. So, you can use a sensor or use a lighting control system to save energy.

These lighting control systems facilitate to control the lighting of floors or individual rooms from a single base.

Moreover, you can update HVAC. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Further, by using infrared sensors or timers, installing intelligent power outlets reduce electricity bills.

The use of occupancy sensors, HVAC, remote control bulbs and electrical equipment reduce utility-related costs at a hotel.

Various hotels use a number of internet providers which are not worth it.

Consolidating internet expenses by reducing the number of internet connections in the hotel reduce cost with no loss of service.

Most brands now recognize and acknowledge that you can use VPN technologies to easily link to their infrastructure.

The internet lines are now sufficiently wide enough to aggregate all Internet services down to a single line, with virtual networks for different services.

As the connectivity prices are dropping continuously, you can provide better services to guests and employees.

Post pandemic, hoteliers are using new technologies so that guests don’t have to come in contact with touchpoints.

Room telephones will most likely be one of those communal things that guests will avoid.

Further, hoteliers around the globe are making the use of apps to communicate with reception.

With chat apps, you can allow guests to order food from the hotel’s kitchen or call reception or chat with your team.

Guests have to scan QR code with their cell phones just after entering the hotel and they can enjoy its benefits.

Thus, there is no need to spend unnecessary cost in maintenance of room telephones making them obsolete.

You will get an extra return by selling your old handsets to companies who purchase used telephones.

In this pandemic to avoid mass layoff, business needs a different approach like creating a fixed schedule for hourly employees.

As mass lay off is not an ideal solution you can reduce workweek or turn some staff as part-time staffs.

And create schedule hours for them, it should be not fixed hours.

Thus, you don’t have to pay those staff heavy amount as only a one-day workweek reduction can cut payroll costs by 20%.

Further, set a different standard time for cleaning of stay over and check-out rooms.

From there, you can analyse time spend by housekeepers on each room cleaning and compare it to standard time.

This will help you to identify and quickly fix any inefficiencies to prevent overspending on housekeepers.

Technology can reduce the burden of the hotel and helps to make data-driven decisions only after analysing dashboard.

There’s no need for an IT specialist to manage or run an automated cloud-based system and it can save you a lot of time.

You must choose a system that is integrated with other technology systems.

This will optimise the operational efficiency and boost staff productivity.

The hoteliers can easily manage operations from backend like temperature checks at the entrance, timely room cleaning, etc.

Further, adopting various contactless technologies enhance the customer experience.

Few examples are smart sensor-operated technology, contactless payment, etc to allow staffs to operate more efficiently.

Make F&B more effective with menu choices for restaurants and banquets that use similar ingredients for preparation.

To reduce food waste and save cost you can use a recipe management system.

A recipe management system is a software where you can unify what goes into a hospitality business’s daily operations.

This is a powerful instrument for a large hotel chain where for every mealtime there is a predictable amount of heads going in.

With all the details at one place, the chef can easily analyse and compare data of the food they prepare and those leftover.

Then the chef will tend to optimize the amount consumed per head, at the end of the day, to minimize the waste.

If your hotel has space that serves no other purpose but to provide a breathing area, considers using it for revenue purposes.

You don’t have to convert it permanently into something which it is not.

Convert the space only for a temporary purpose for few months post-pandemic as fewer guests are visiting in the hotel.

One way you can utilize space is by hosting events.

Henceforth, contact potential collaborators and get in contact with them to host weddings, office events, webinars, conferences.

In this way, you’ll have a stream of income that comes from outside the guests stay in your hotel.

We can say that saving energy, temporarily utilizing unused space, advancement of technologies.

And there are other points which you can consider as ways to cut cost.

Please share views in the comment box.

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