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How the operation of the Hotel’s kitchen takes place post-pandemic?

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Running the operation of Hotel’s kitchen post-pandemic involve massive transformation.

The coronavirus pandemic changes the functioning the hospitality industry.

We will see major changes in the designing, cleanliness, and technology of the hotel industry.

The hotel’s kitchen must operate keeping in view hygiene and sanitization to achieve maximum level of efficiency.

The safety and wellbeing of the guests are not possible if one not follow standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Adoption of the changes is the only way for the recovery and survival of the damage hotel industry.

operation of the Hotel's kitchen

Here are the measures hotels must follow for performing the operation of the Hotel’s kitchen post-pandemic.

It is of no surprise cleanliness is the topmost priority of the hotel’s kitchen post-pandemic.

Cleanliness reassures people about their health and safety.

Hence, hoteliers must take the necessary steps to raise the safety standards of the hotel’s kitchen.

The fruits and vegetable and other edible items must be clean thoroughly before cooking them.

But first, wash your hands with soap and water. After that wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly with edible soda and lukewarm water.

The health and safety of the guests are crucial. That’s why everything in the kitchen will sanitize before and after preparation of food and drinks.

  • Clean utensils before using them and after using them.
  • Clean the area below the sink regularly to stop spreading of the virus.
  • Use baking soda and vinegar solution to clean slab of the kitchen.
  • The sink of the kitchen is used to wash from utensils to veggies. So, clean it with warm water and alcohol-based disinfectant solution. 
  • Every piece of equipment and utensils must clean thoroughly with warm water and disinfectant solution.
  • Switch kitchen towel with tissues to pat dry the items of kitchen. So that you can keep the virus at bay.

The hotel should concentrate and invest in safety norms for cooks to improve and enhance the hygiene standards.

The measures chefs and its team must follow are:

Every day chefs must wear a clean uniform, mask, hair cover, gloves and apron.

The mask must be clean after every six hours or they get dirty or wet due to any reason.

The food must not touch with bare hands and wear disposable gloves, if possible.

If not then frequently change gloves and wash hands every time wash hands before changing gloves.

They use knives and peelers from the sanitized tray, and must not share it with anyone.

Every month training must be given to chefs and other staffs of the kitchen regarding FSSAI guidelines.

After use, chefs can dispose of their caps in the designated bin and deposit stained uniforms in the Uniform Room.

If involved in heavy cleaning, staffs of the kitchen should wear industrial gloves.

After each task, hands must be cleaned and sanitized.

To prevent cross-contamination, stewarding team members have to be allocated to each part of the kitchen.

For gaining the confidence of guests by taking care of their health and wellness redesigning of the hotel’s kitchen and restaurant is crucial.

Healthy food cannot be prepared if the kitchen area does not effectively design.

It needs to follow social distancing norms and install ventilators to stop contamination of air, etc.

First, let’s talk about following social distancing norm in kitchen.

It is imperative to redesign the physical layout of the kitchen to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed.

Further, it is suggested to eliminate extra equipment to increase space in the kitchen.

It will help to attain safety and hygiene standards in the kitchen and also reduce the chances of spreading the virus.

Furthermore, re-evaluate the need for buffet system as it draws crowd at a place.

To eliminate the risk of spreading the virus, it is ideal to expand seating arrangement in outdoor areas.

Ensure the distance between two tables is approximately 5-6 feet and disinfect every table before the arrival of the next guest.

In every table QR code is available.

So, when the guests visit the restaurant in the hotel, they don’t have to touch the menu card to order food.

By scanning QR code customer will able to access the restaurant online menu from their cell phone/ i-Pad/ or any other device.

Henceforth, guest can access menu displaying on their phone and directly order food from there only.

The message will deliver on the phone, how much time it will take to prepare food or when it is prepared.

Further, you can pay the bill from the preferable UPI. No need to interact with staffs or touch menu card.

Some codes can be customized allowing to make reservations, access loyalty programs and split the bill among dining parties.

Hence, enhancing customers experience with contactless ordering, payment and fewer human interaction, their health and safety are taken care of.

These are the few things which guests can experience in the restaurant of the hotel.

As minimizing the contact of touchpoints play a core role in preventing the spread of Covid-19 virus.

Thus, contactless dining and preparation of food will be normal.

Hence, for eliminating contact in preparation of food utilize automation in its preparation.

Given that contactless dining will be the norm, kitchens will depend on technology-driven equipment.

It will not only reduce the number of chefs but also minimize the overall amount of kitchen appliances used.

You can use machinery like Combi oven, Merry Chef digital panels and robotic cooking machinery for self-cooking and saving space in the kitchen.

Ultimately, reducing staff cost and implement standardised cooking norms.

These innovative technologies maintain social distancing, reduced need for exhaust-fresh air ventilation.

And inspire chefs to become even more creative.

Covid-19 outbreak takes a heavy toll on the hotel industry.

As we can see, after the pandemic, the operation of the hotel’s kitchen has to undergo major transformations.

The major changes include cleanliness of kitchen, installing modern technologies and QR codes, redesign of hotel.

Without the implementation of changes eliminating the risk and gaining customer’s trust is not possible.

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