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7 Top trends in 2020 for Hospitality Industry

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We are on the verge of completing a great year for the hospitality industry. Now we have to see the top trends that we are going to witness in 2020.

In 2020, the industry will continue to grow with increasing competition. On the other hand, things will go to another level in terms of technology also.

The guest expectations will also change so the industry will have to keep evolving.

So let us check out some trends that we are going to witness in 2020.

An image with red background showing a man holding a 2020 written banner to show trends in 2020

Hotels start reacting to the high commission to OTAs a long time ago. We are noticing a strong fightback from 2018. In 2020 also this trend will continue.

Earlier online travel industries were just another source of bookings. But now most of the bookings are channeled through OTAs. And their high commissions are making hoteliers very uncomfortable.

So hoteliers are now making every possible effort that can get them the direct bookings and they do not have to pay a heavy commission.

We will notice these efforts to increase in the upcoming year.

And in this expedition of hotel three things are going to play an important role. These three things are the website, SEO, and metasearch engine.

The customer interest is shifting. The biggest trend that we will notice is that the travelers will be willing to pay if you justify the value.

So if you want to do well then upgrade your hotel. Make your hotel luxurious and add more amenities. This may incur some investment but will pay off.

Leisure travelers are now very interested in the culture of the place they are visiting. Many times the reason behind a journey is to explore and absorb new traditions and cultures.

So while upgrading your hotel do not forget to give a traditional touch.

When we are talking about upcoming trends then how can we not talk about technology?  In 2020 we are going to see some major implementation and use of technology.

Things like IoT, AI, VR, and AR were will be prevalently used by the big chains and will be implemented in small independent hotels.

Obviously, technology is going to open new doors of opportunities for both guests and hoteliers. The human interaction will decrease leading to shorter queues and wait time with more luxuries to offer.

On the other hand, the hoteliers will be able to manage their operations efficiently with a better revenue generation.

This year we are going to see an exponential rise in wellness travelers.

Wellness tourism is travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities.

Wellness Travel is one of the fastest-growing areas of tourism. As more and more people are getting the concern over their health the opportunities are growing for the industry.

Wellness travel is a journey without a pang of guilt.

Many times we come home from a journey and the ghosts of extravagant eating and partying haunt us. But when you return from a trip focussed on your mental and physical health you feel satisfied.

And this is the reason we are going to see a hike in this area of travel.

Before booking the hotel of your guest will check your online reviews. So the importance of online reputation management will be a great trend in 2020.

Online reputation management basically means taking control of the talks happening about you on online platforms. This upcoming year you will have to be very vigilant on your online reputation.

I liked this guide that can help you.

Okay, so not take it literally. But if we have to understand that if we are not a very big and famous hotel so that we are a point of attraction in ourself then it is our location that gets us bookings.

People are not going to search you directly instead they will make a search like “hotels in Delhi”.

And that is why you need to adapt Google My Business this upcoming year if you are still not using it. Basically, you want to appear in a local search and this tool will help you in that.

This article can help you out.

This is one of the trends that will be very prevalent in 2020. People have recognized the value of the environment and now they want everything eco-friendly.

Ecotourism is a set of practices in which people travel while preserving nature and avoiding its degradation by any means.

You need to adopt such practices in your hotel like a green infrastructure so that you can help the environment sustain. This will encourage guests that the very aware of this issue to book your hotel.

With an understanding of what we are going to face this year, we can have a successful year for our hotel. And if are aware enough then we can also make a good contribution to the industry.

So this was my attempt to bring forward some trends that we are going to witness in 2020.

Hope they will help you out. Please do not forget to drop your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.


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