Google My Business for Hotels

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Google My Business is a free online marketing channel. This free tool from Google allows you to optimize your hotel’s presence across Google.

Google My Business can a blessing to your business. It improves your rankings and brings you more online bookings.

For hotels, it can be very efficient in the fight against OTAs as people depend a lot on google for their travel research and planning.

So let us talk about why Google My Business is necessary for a successful Hotel business especially for small Hotels. And then let us check how we can set up and optimize our Hotel’s profile on Google My Business.

At last, we will have some tips for a fruitful result.

A screenshot of Google Hotel Search

Listing your profile has many advantages. Lets us check some them.

The biggest advantage of your GMB profile is that it increases your visibility throughout the internet. Once you have made your profile on GMB google starts knowing about your business.

And when someone makes a relevant search then your hotel appears the search engine results which can be a blessing for you. This can actually generate a huge influx on bookings because most of the travelers depend on google for their travel research and planning.

Generally, Google follows the 3 pack concept for showing the results. Whenever there is a search on google, the top positions are for the paid searches and then the google maps and a list of 3 local businesses in your area follow it. Then at the last their organic search results.

This listing of 3 local business is called 3 pack.

But for hotels, Google has rolled out a Hotel pack in which it shows 4 hotels and on the map, there are several hotels are marked.

Your profile on GMB will create an opportunity for your hotel to list on this hotel pack.

Google allows you to post through your GMB profile and these posts are called Google Post. You can write these posts from your verified GMB profile.

These posts are not shown in the SERPs as normal posts but are featured in the knowledge panel. They normally have a life span of seven days. And not just single post but multiple posts can appear in the knowledge panel section.

Google also allows you to connect with your potentials guests who found your profile. This can be a good source for converting the leads.

You can clear the doubt of your guests and motivate them to book your hotel. Just enable the messaging feature from your profile.

These days reviews are the fuel accelerate your business. Before making any booking people always check the reviews.

Google My Business’s Review Management is just awesome for your online reputation management as you can interact with your guests who have posted reviews.

While setting up your google my business profile you will have to fill many fields. Do not ignore any of them. Each and every filed is of great importance.

But the most significant one is your amenities. Most of the guests book on the basis of your amenities.

Images are best to attract travelers. They allure the travelers to make a booking at your hotel. Images are successful as they convey a better message than words.

Just by looking at the images the travelers get an idea of how good your hotel is.

So take professional help to get your hotel clicked then upload those images to get maximum bookings.

Be very careful while pinning your location as it matters a lot. When a guest lands on your location and he does not have any idea about it then he relies completely on Google Maps.

So pin your location properly try to pin at your Hotel’s entrance.

As I mentioned it earlier guest reviews serve a great purpose. You have to respond to each of them. Try to convert your reviews into two way conversation so that you can motivate the guest to rate your hotel higher.

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  • Tom
    This is good meaningful info for small hotels and guesthouses.
    How do I set up room rates and synchronize bookings on GMB with Airbnb and

    Can you help?

    • Faiz Ansari
      Hey Tom,
      Glad to hear that you liked the article.
      For your query please head to our forum
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