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7 Ways To Get Positive Hotel Reviews from Guests

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Most hotel owners are facing the problem of no or very fewer positive hotel reviews from their guests.

Do you know that online reviews given by your guests can make or break your hotel business?

If you want to create positive hotel reviews and attract more guests to your hotel then you are in the correct place.

You know that most of the people check online reviews before booking any hotel.

In other words, they find guest reviews more trustworthy than the advertising done by hotels themselves.

Hence, hotels with positive reviews are more likely to get their bookings done in a short span of time as compared to their competitors.

Not only this, but it will also boost your hotel ranking in search sites and review sites.

Here I have mentioned 7 ways that help you to gain positive hotel reviews from your guests-:

1. Ask your guests directly.

2. Easy to leave a review.

3. Timing is important.

4. Do give incentives.

5. No false promises and deliver results beyond expectations.

6. Actively engaging employees.

7. Tell guests the importance of review for you.

An image of grey background and four white stars on it to get positive hotel reviews

Yes, you read it right it is that easy. Just asking your guests in a polite way will increase the chances of getting more reviews.

If we don’t ask then how they will know that we appreciate their reviews.

Also, there are many guests who are happy with your hotel services but they are not habitual of giving reviews.

So when we ask them and explain how simple it is to give review then they will willingly give reviews.

Find guests who are happy with your services and love to visit your hotel again.

They are the ones who will give good feedback to support your hotel in the long run.

Do you know that even happy and satisfied guests will not give reviews if its process is complicated? So to gain more positive hotel reviews we have to make it easier for them to give reviews.

Use of emoji images to review your hotel. If you are using email for reviews then the questions should be short and clear.

The guests should be able to review at any site they feel comfortable at, so you should avoid limiting options to review.

Therefore, you can attract more positive hotel reviews.

Timing plays a crucial role in gaining positive reviews from guests. For instance, It is ideal to ask your guests for reviews when they are checking-out from your hotel.

Like this time, their memories of stay remain fresh.

You can also ask when your guest is appreciating your hotel and its services. Even after their check-out, you can ask for their reviews within a month of their stay in your hotel.

When you want good reviews of hotels, don’t ask for feedback when they are busy or in a poor mood.

Here, I am not talking about the bribe, that’s a very different thing, and also it is unethical. This will degrade the reputation of your Hotel.

What I am talking about is giving some vouchers, discounts, some contests to be a part of, card for future booking at low rates, etc. to motivate them to give reviews.

Certainly, this will attract more positive hotel reviews from your guests.

We sometimes over-exaggerate guests’ expectations with our advertisements that lead to disappointment and negative hotel reviews. We should not do that.

The promises from our end should be in a way that attracts guests but not create unreal expectations on their minds.

Also, we have to work on what we are delivering them. They should get results beyond their expectations. This we can create when we give them something to talk about.

And for this, we have to make moments that make them feel excited about it.

Also, the staff should be friendly and not too formal, this helps in creating a comfortable environment for guests.

The employees should behave properly with guests and solve their problems as soon as possible. This way, guests will feel important and their money is not wasted.

We cannot disagree that the behavior of a single employee will affect the brand of the whole Hotel. Therefore, employees should be polite and actively engaging with guests.

Hence, this will attract more positive hotel reviews and help the hotel to grow.

Encourage guests to give reviews by telling them why it is so important for you to get reviews. Tell them that this will help you know where the hotel is lacking and have scope for improvement.

And also if they are very happy with your hotel services then reviews will help in enhancing hotel position and attracting more guests.

From the above points, we can conclude that gaining positive reviews from guests cannot be achieved by keeping hands on hands.

We have to ask them directly for that at the right time and tell them why their reviews are so important for your hotel.

The review process should be simple otherwise you won’t get a lot of positive reviews about the hotel. You can also give vouchers, coupon codes to gain more reviews.

You should make reasonable promises and give results beyond their expectations.

The employees have to be well mannered and polite in behavior that can handle difficult situations with ease.

All these points will help in attracting more positive hotel reviews and help in the long-run survival of hotels.

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