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9 Tips to get compliant with GDPR

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If you are running a hotel then, it must be compliant with GDPR.

It is not a one-time project but it is an ongoing process.

Building trust is crucial, as the hotel needs personal data to run its business.

Hence, make your guests aware of why and how you are using their data.

GDPR puts a lot of responsibility on the organisation and gives rights to guests.

Any blunder in compliance makes you liable to pay penalties.

If you want to know about GDPR and how it will impacts you then you can read it here.

This blog will help you to gain some insights about how you can comply with GDPR, but it is for guidance purpose only.

It is not legal advice.

Make your hotel compliant with GDPR

Below are the few steps that you must follow to make your hotel compliant with GDPR.

Those who are collecting Personally Identifiable Information in your organisation must be aware of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Key stakeholders and policymakers need to be aware of the current regulations.

Hence, they can consider the possible effects and recognise areas that require regulatory attention.

They must know how to collect, access, use and publish personal information.

Ensure caution when allowing access to cardholder data.

Proper security must be maintained when disposing of documents containing payment card details.

As any casual move impact the reputation of the department.

When you are using personal data of people.

Then you have to use a privacy note containing Data Processing Agreements compliant information.

It contains information like your name and how you will use people’s data.

As per regulations, you have to inform people of some additional information, in contrast to Data Processing Agreements.

Some information that you need to provide are-:

  • The legal basis for data analysis
  • Duration of data retention
  • Purpose of data collection.
  • Inform them who is the data controller and who else will have access to data
  • Rights of people to complain Information Commissioner’s Officer if they feel that you are not handling their data properly.

Make sure to Comply with procedures of European Guest rights.

The rights are-:

  • Can access his/her data
  • Right to rectify errors
  • Can erase their information
  • Avoid direct marketing
  • Right not to be used in digital ads and profiling.
  • Can transfer his/her data to another party
  • Right to object

Work requires for fulfilling guests requests for accessing data depends on size and type of organization.

You must be prepare whenever guests make a request.

Reply promptly within the period of a month because after one-month charges will impose.

If you decline a request then you must inform guests with the valid reasons.

Additionally, you must provide guests with details about the Privacy Commission.

And the name and contact details of your Data Protection Officer for filing complain.

GDPR explicit consent rule requires you to review how you are obtaining and recording guest’s consent.

Giving clear ‘opt-in’ to your guests you must consider various sources guests are using for booking like travel agents, walk-ins, etc.

If children below the age of 16 are visiting your hotel, then seek the authorization of parents or guardian to process their data.

There should be clarity in GDPR guidelines so if one withdraw consent at the last moment.

Then you must know what your next step should be.

Maintaining a data register for keeping records of all data.

In order to manage this, you need to review your existing policies and procedures.

The data register will be able to give insight into what pieces of data you require.

Any breach or theft of data then you will be liable.

That’s why you have to detect and rectify any theft of personal data.

Any case of compromisation of guest data must be reported to the Privacy Commission within 72 hours.

Whenever you are undertaking a new tool or procedures, consider the Data Protection Principles.

Whether in the introduction of new technology or up-gradation in technology, ensure to make an impact assessment of data.

When you are handling large volumes of data, then appoint Data Processing Officer for processing personal data of guests.

He must take due responsibility for complying with data security,
and have the expertise, resources and authority to do so effectively.

Record what personal data you carry, where it originated, and with whom you share it.

For a networked world GDPR updates rights

It makes companies liable for ensuring that they abide by the rules of data security.

Example- Having appropriate policies and procedures.

Another example is that when you are aware that you have exchanged incorrect personal data with other agencies.

Then it is your duty to disclose this inaccuracy to the other agency so that it can then update its own information.

Everything has to be in compliance. It includes-:

  • Discovering people personal information.
  • Finding out tools that hoteliers are using within the organization that may contain personal information.
  • Classification of personally identifiable data.
  • Protecting PI classified data during the transition.
  • Manage data access and data storage.
  • Gain insights and report on implementing data and data policy.

Combine all the above-mentioned things along with human resource and legal policies and procedures around the use of personal information.

Place these in a written document and be willing to discuss it with vendors and partners.

That being said, you need to take practical steps to show that you are making your hotel fully compliant with GDPR.

In QloApps, we made a module named QloApps GDPR compliance module.

It helps you to comply with regulations: GDPR & European Union cookie law and ensures your customers of data protection.

It allows your customers to update or delete their personal data present on the website whenever they want.

Please share views in the comment box.

If you want to learn about the functionality of QloApps then you can visit this link: QLO Reservation System – Free Open-Source Hotel Booking & Reservation System

In case of any query, issue or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum

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