Tips to enhance Customer Service at Small Hotels and B&B

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To achieve success in business you have to provide high-quality customer service. As per a study consistent high-quality customer service leads to better customer satisfaction which is directly linked to the business revenue.

Customer service is the core of the hospitality industry. If your staff is well trained with good customer service etiquette then it will positively improve your hotel revenue.

customer Service

Keeping a customer is much more profitable than making a new customer. So with great customer service, you will make a long-lasting impression and win repeat customers for your hotel or B&B.

With the following customer service tips you and your staff can make your hotel and B&B the first choice to spend their holidays:

As a small hotel or B&B, you can provide a more personalized experience than large hotels. This is because you will have less number of guests coming and you can easily focus on fulfilling their needs.

We know that guests want a break from their hectic schedules. So when they arrive at your property, a warm welcome at the door is a good way to introduce them to the friendly atmosphere.

Another step should be to let your staff carry the luggage to the rooms so they can comfortably reach and settle themselves in the room.

You can also provide them with a list of famous places in your area or make reservations at a renowned restaurant and let them explore the locality and enjoy themselves.

A personalized approach to guests helps you to create a connection with them. For a more effective approach, you use both professional body language. Before they arrive at your property be prepared with the names of the guests and ask them for their preference of room.

When they do arrive you can greet them by their names followed by a friendly handshake. Then give a brief introduction about yourself, the specialty of your hotel, and B&B and escort them to their room.

It has been observed that winning a new customer costs five times more than the existing one. Whereas a business receives 60% to 70% of revenue from loyal customers. Therefore above-mentioned actions help you in building a concrete connection to earn loyal customers.

There will be situations when guests are unsatisfied with your hospitality services. In such circumstances, you must stay calm and address their complaints optimistically.

If you receive a negative online review then immediately reply to them apologizing for the situation and promise to resolve the problem so it doesn’t occur on their next visit. You can then offer them a discount or free upgrade for their next stay.

In case the customers make a complaint in person then carefully listen to them and address their issues quickly. For example, if they are not happy with the room then shift them to the best room available at your property.

Showing that you care about your guests makes them feel that they are being heard and their opinions do matter. The moment when the guests check out you or your staff can ask about the experience they had at your hotel or B&B.

Asking them directly will give you an opportunity to know about any issue and you can resolve it at that moment. It will also help you in reducing the chances to get a negative review.

Another way is by sending follow-up emails to guests after they have left, asking them how they felt about your customer service.

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That’s all from “Tips to enhance Customer Service at Small Hotels and B&B”.

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