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The expected changes in the hotel industry after COVID-19

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After the corona pandemic hotel industry will operate in a new environment. In this new environment, there will be many challenges in the hotel industry after COVID-19.

Many changes will occur in the operating and functioning of the hotel. Hotels will have to follow many protocols related to people’s health. Hence the situation will remain the same for the upcoming months or years.

hotel industry after COVID-19

Corona pandemic has changed the hospitality business entirely. Therefore it is the most affected industry.  Situations change continuously so no one can say with certainty that when will everything will be normal. 

We can see the sanitization product at the reception desk and entrance. The bars and restaurants have reduced their capacity.  Health screening of people all is the signs that indicate how things have been changed around us.

For hoteliers, it is important to be prepared for this changed scenario. In this blog, I’m suggesting what expected changes will have to face hotels after the COVID-19 pandemic.

 1 Productivity will be measured on new criteria

2 More focus on the cleaning services in the hotel industry after COVID-19

3 Struggle for earning revenue in the hotel industry after COVID-19

4   Focus on sustainable practices

5 Tourists will prefer less crowded places

Now the parameter for measuring the productivity of the hotel will be changed. Manging social distance is important and is now a part of people’s life.

So, this hotel will decrease its capacity. Then it is not right to measuring the productivity of traditional methods. New methods will be introduced to measuring the performance of the hotel.

New trends will come into hotels. Some hotels are ready to leave a room empty for 24 hours after leaving a guest.

Self-service will increase as minimizing the contact. People will prefer DND in their room to reduce the chances of getting infected.

So, hotels will operate with less occupancy. It will directly affect the revenue of hotels.

Housekeeping staff will play a very important role in hotel success. Their responsibility is to clean all the rooms and halls very carefully.

So extra staff will require for better cleaning service. Hotel owners will have to spend more on hiring housekeeping staff.

Now guest will prefer only those hotels which are more focused on cleanliness. Cleanliness and hygiene will be the topmost priority of any travelers while selecting any hotel.

Sanitization of hotel premises will become the daily routine of hotels. It is important for the health of people.

Customers will actively want to see your cleanliness and sanitization process.

It may be a trend that the hotel will have to take any certificates from the authority for following all the standard of cleaning.

 Room availability in hotels will decrease as it will have to follow distancing protocols.  The hotel will decrease the rates to get bookings after COVID-19. So, all of this will decrease the revenue of owners.

Amenity fees always being a big share of hotel revenue. But now there will be a need to find a new source of revenue for hotels. So, the hotel will search for new amenity fees for increasing their revenue.

Hotel owners will be under pressure to overcome the slow recovery. The whole system will be under pressure to find a creative way to earn revenue.

The hotel can stop many free services and start charging for services. During the lockdown, many restaurants have been changed themselves into the grocery store.

Hotels can modify their cancellation policy to decrease the rate of cancellation of their bookings.  Make cancellation policy stricter than before.

Now hotels will use disposable goods and in the future, it might be mandatory for hotels to use them. Because sanitation of everything will be part of hotel operations. So disposable products will ease in this.

Now the trend of grab and go is in usage. So, hotels will use more take away containers to pack this food.

But if these items don’t sell then food wastage also will increase. As the hotel will start to work then PPE waste and other waste materials that are used in cleaning will increase.

Now hotels will increase the usages of more environmentally friendly products. They can go for biodegradable.  Now there will be more focus on sustainable practices.

In the corona pandemic, people realize the importance of social distancing. There are plenty of ways that hotels can stand out from the crowd. One of these is literally being far from the crowd.

Travelers are likely to be looking at more remote, less crowded destinations that they perceive as less risky.

Hotel chains with rural properties will be able to use this to their advantage. However, if your hotel is in a city or crowded area,

You can still ensure that the add-on experiences you can offer mirror those guests would like in the “new normal,” such as in-room dining or private tours, for example.

In the bottom line, it is clear that the hospitality industry will see many great changes in its operations.  Hotels will have to follow the different types of protocols. Social distancing and other safety concerns will the part of the hotel culture.

the hotel will have to more focused on sanitation and cleanliness of premises.  Hotel services will be offered to maintain less contact.  the trend of self-services will increase in the hotels.

Hotels will have to find new ways to generate revenue. Because inventory will decrease according to new safety protocols in the hotel industry after COVID-19.

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