Technologies/gadgets must present in your hotel during Covid-19

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To protect from Covid-19 risk, few technologies/gadgets must present in your hotel.

The Covid-19 pandemic has exercised an enormous impact on the hotel industry across the globe.

The revenue per available room of the hotel industry took a hit in 2020, especially in Europe.

Revenue per available room (RevPAR) in Europe dropped from 85.33 U.S. dollars in May 2019 to 11.35 U.S. dollars in May 2020.

Contactless is the new normal as world is aware of the risks associated with physical touch of common objects.

Thus, there is more demand for technologies to eliminate risks for both guests and hoteliers.

Technologies/gadgets must present in your hotel

Here, are the list of few technologies/gadgets must present in your hotel during Covid-19.

The hotel service staff, like housekeeping, kitchen, event staff and others want to avoid close interaction.

They still want to maintain distance to protect themselves from getting affected by Covid-19 virus.

To follow this DECT phone with base stations is already popular in the hospitality space and other industries few countries.

It is a mobility-enabling alternative to VoWLAN and radio-based networks, meaning sending voice information over a wireless broadband network.

This technology is emerging in various industries to communicate information without crowing in a location.

Not only for staffs, but it will also turn out to be beneficial for the hotels as it is reasonable as compared to its alternatives.

Moreover, it is easy to install, efficient with fine voice quality.

Post pandemic there is shifts in demand.

Thus, hotels with an Integrated Revenue Management System (RMS) in place will be able to adapt to changes in demand more efficiently.

The tool incorporates historical data, market triggers, and demand signals and combines this with forward-looking demand signals.

Eventually, helping the hotel industry to provide insights and advice regarding the pricing of each room type and the segment of the property.

Revenue Management Software helps hoteliers to sell the right product at the right price to the right customer on the right distribution channel.

Furthermore, the correct room rate can help boost the ranking of hoteliers as compare to their competitors.

And they remain on top of the pricing game.

Managers will access regular updates outlining competitor prices, market predictions, and TripAdvisor rankings and make strategies accordingly.

Automation has become an integral part of the hotel industry to revolutionalise it post-pandemic.

As it reduces contact with commonly touched objects guests can take a breath of relief will improve the customer experience.

It also improves efficiency because housekeepers can sanitize and prepare rooms at a faster pace.

The technologies include motion sensors that switch on lights to voice-activated device control.

Using self-service kiosks which enable guests to check-in and out in the hotel.

Moreover, developments in the Internet of Things devices and natural language processing (NLP) have provided hotels and developers.

That work with them the toolkit to connect these new innovations to their connected guest apps that include futuristic experiences.

All these innovations can be integrated into the property management system which is used to communicate staff the happenings in the hotel

Thus, we can say that automation is becoming a necessity in the hotel industry to deliver quality services.

The use of mobile apps will not only enhance the consumer experience but also financially and operationally benefit hotels.

To reduce face to face interaction as social distancing is the need of the hour, the self-service model is something that people increasingly prefer.

Hotels can develop their own choice of apps so that guests can enjoy an even greater level of connectivity and correspondence.

It facilitates to call room service, ordering beverages, blankets, etc. via GPS, pay for services and accommodation and many other things.

So many services that require staff to complete tasks manually like booking reservations, valet requests, etc. can be performed via the mobile app.

When users are using apps, the apps gather data and insights of customers behaviours.

This is a valuable feature for the hotel industry because it gives insight into consumer habits, how users interact and flow through the app.

When everything is going digital, it is crucial for hotels to invest in training hoteliers with the way of using cybersecurity tools.

Otherwise, there is a threat of loss of data, ransomware, phishing.

Post pandemic it becomes imperative to move towards a cashless society.

A large number of people carry a majority of information on their mobile devices.

This problem is severe if your hotel employees are working from home post-pandemic.

High probability they are using their own computers.

This can lead to further security risks that need to be taken into account.

Since hotels manage a huge volume of client details and often have a large number of workers.

So, without compromising on these threats or else it will adversely affect hotel business negatively.

To attract guests hotel cleaning solutions must be in place.

They can include advance solutions like electrostatic sprayers, UV light units as they better cleaning solution than traditional chemicals.

Furthermore, there should be proper ventilation so that guest rooms have clear fresh air.

Invest in technology that can check from distance the temperature of guests and staffs.

If any visitor disagrees to pass these tests, employers may be informed and may take corrective measures.

For instance, giving the guest a mask to wear or call the doctor for comprehensive medical screening.

It is imperative to make the hotel’s staff feel safe while working as a pandemic is already cause a lot of stress and threat of life.

Hence, technologies/gadgets must present in your hotel to convince them hotel is taking care of their safety and considering them part of the family.

Eventually, they will work happily without worrying and be more productive.

Further, it will also attract new guests as they feel assured that the hotel is concerned about their health.

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