5 reasons for having a mobile app for hotels

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This is now a high time to get a mobile app for hotels.

Out of 7.75Billion world population, there are 9.42Billion Mobile Connections.

And out of these 9.42 billion, 5.17 Billion are unique subscribers. 

But even after knowing the importance of small screens there is a hindrance towards mobile apps in our industry.

Mobile Apps are a very important part of the omnichannel marketing approach. The mobile apps give you one more touch point to interact with your audience.

We have to understand that smartphones are the new service standards in hospitality.

With the mobile app, you can upgrade your hotel’s guest experience by several levels.

You should target to entrap the whole guest journey in your app. From the booking of the hotel to check out the user should be able to control his stay.

So let us check out a few reasons for having a mobile app for hotels.

Mobile Apps also bring up new possibilities of revenue generation to your hotel business.

Mobile apps bring a wonderfull feature of push notifications in your domain. With this feature, you can send promotional offers, upgrades and other upselling content to your guests.

Also when everything is on a click the user will not hesitate to make the purchase.

With connected offers from your different services like restaurants and spas, you will be able to sell out more than your expectations.

You can also motivate your guests to opt for room upgrades with additional services to make the guests spend more.

We are in constant competition with OTAs to get maximum possible online bookings.

OTAs are charging a handsome amount of commission on every booking they get you. This is hurting the hotels as it is cutting down the revenue.

So we have to take every measure to ensure the maximum possible bookings.

The travelers go to OTAs due to certain reasons. OTAs offer a better booking experience on multiple channels.

Mobile Apps will do the same for your hotel. They will improve the booking experience of the guests.

The guests will not have to go to a computer or open your site in the browser to make the booking.

The app will make things easy for them.

Data is the new fuel. Without relevant data making business, decisions are like shooting an arrow in the dark.

Hotel Industry is one of the maximum data-gathering industry. And, its clients are willing to give their data to get a more personalized experience.

The data will helps in inventory distribution. You need data to allot inventory to different booking channels. Otherwise either you will allot more than needed inventory to OTAs and end up giving more commission.

Or you will over keep the inventory to yourself and end up with the upsold room.

Mobile apps will get you this data. With the help of these apps, you will get the buyer’s personas.

You will be able to analyze their buying behavior and make educated business decisions.

Apps are not only for customers but also for your backend operations.

You can have your various hotels on your apps and can manage your hotel on the go.

This will make all the processes very easy going with better coordination amongst your staff.

So let us assume their a booking and the guest arrives for the check-in. A notification will be sent to your staff that the guest is at the hotel.

So they can prepare his room and be ready to welcome him.

Then when a guest order something from his room. The order is sent to the kitchen and the kitchen and room service staff are notified with the app.

Now this will make the whole process hassle-free and make your staff more effective.

Verily, when a user starts using an app then it creates inertia for that app. People just acquire a habit of using that app.

And to shift to a new one they need a strong reason. So you have to capitalize on this and earn as many loyal customers as you can.

Things will start from the special offers only for app users. People will install and start using it. And slowly they will acquire the habit.

Now you just have to retain them. Your app will help you here also.

You must run a point-based loyalty program and your guests should be able to track and use his points while bookings.

You can also introduce a wallet system in which you can value as loyalty points and the customer can also recharge for smooth payments.

Mobile App for hotels is now the demand of the hour. Hotels should now think about them.

These apps will add a new dimension to your business and provide more opportunities to grow.

I hope you liked the article. Please feel free to drop your suggestions in the comment box.

If you want to know more about QloApps then read here. And contact the team here.

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