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How the Hotel Industry Can Survive Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

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These are desperate times. But humanity has always found a way to thrive. And this time also we will do the same and will survive Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic.

Till today there are 537,331 cases and 24,135 deaths so far around the globe. Here are the live stats.

Corona infection causes deterioration of health and economic well being and severe cases can lead to death. And that is the reason that the world is under lockdown.

The global economy is struggling due to this and the hotel industry is at the front taking some hard blows.

All kinds of travel have diminished to zero. International travel is a big deal even local travel is out of the scene right now.

But every cloud has a silver lining. We have to dig out blessings from this disguise.

No, this is not the time of giving up. We must fight back to save our business and the industry overall while ensuring that we do not get infected.

An image of earth wearing a mask to survive Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic.

Travel is an essential part of the life of any person. People commute for several reasons. They travel for business, leisure or bleisure nothing can stop them.

The world will never stop. Yes, these are the tough times and everything is frozen but for how long.

Maximum six months and the ice will melt. Nothing is stopping that and no one can.

The pandemic will be controlled. A remedy for this disease will come and life will return to normal.

People are facing a lockdown around the globe irrespective of country. When life returns to normal their greatest desire will be to travel.

And think about the millennials, they love traveling. This part of society cannot be tamed for long into a single location.

Ergo, the boom will come and the industry will blossom again.

So don’t you worry, things will obviously get better.

As a hotelier you are worried there is no traffic in the industry but this can be the blessing in disguise you are searching for.

You now have the time to enhance your technical infrastructure and take your business to the next-gen level.

It is certain that there will be huge traffic in a few months so you have to be ready for it.

As a busy hotelier, you never get time to work on the technical front, especially the owners of small and mid-scale hotels.

So you must utilize this time to upgrade your technology and developed some quality content for your marketing campaigns.

You must publish articles on hygiene and how your hotel is safe health-wise. And then these articles must display properly and expressively on your website.

When we say future-ready, robotic technology is the main part of the future. And you have to start investing in it now. This is the time to do it.

If you take it otherwise and procrastinate, then it is a mistake that can bring a heavy penalty. Actually, there are two possible cases we may face.

First is that the people forget what happened and they move on with life. And the second situation can be that they retain the fear instilled in them.

In the second case, they will prefer less human interaction. And that is why we must be ready with an AI and IoT powered contact-less property.

You now have to believe that robotics, AI and IoT are not just terms of si-fi fiction. They are the ground reality.

They are the stairway to laying out the foundation of the next-gen hotel industry.

You must start working on this so that you are well aligned with technological advancement.

And then you will have to tout yourselves as a robotic human contact-free hotel.

Some of the hotels are facing a serious financial crisis so they can deploy some temporary solutions just to keep them standing.

We know that the whole world is in the mode of isolation. So you can make your properties isolation centers just on a temporary basis.

And if there are fewer cases of corona in your country then you also got the time to convert your hotel into a temporary hospital.

Then you will have to use Google Adwords in order to pitch yourself as an isolation facility or a hospital.

You must seek the help of your local government authorities to make the transformation.

But on the other hand, this can affect your branding also. So you must be very sensitive to that also.

You must save your brand otherwise in future people will refrain from coming to your hotel. No one wants to check-in into an isolation center.

This way you can drag yourself out of the financial crisis.

At QloApps our primary motive is to serve the hotel industry. Our aim to see the industry flourish especially the small and mid-scale hotels.

So you can come to us and discuss how we can help you win in this situation.

We are always working on technology that can resolve the hotel industry issues effectively and efficiently.

We can talk on the cheap tech which can transform you into a next-gen hotel.

You can also come to us for SEO and Marketing related help and training.

You can contact us here. We will try our best to help you to Survive Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Yes, this is the toughest challenge we have faced. But we will have to be adventurous. We thrive or we lose, the choice is ours.

Many of us will lose the battle and many hotels will close. So others will have to take the edge of that.

Also, you must keep yourself productive.

There is a financial crisis than on top of it, we are doing nothing locked in our homes.

So there is a great chance that we lose our creativity and productiveness in this chaos.

Hence you must start working on the points I discussed above. This will keep you busy and healthy both mentally and physically.

And when things will get normal you will be in your full form ready to play the game.

At QloApps we are also working and trying to keep you technologically advance.

I will wait for your views in the comments. And you can always contact us on our forum.

I hope we will Survive Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic together.

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