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Internet of Things (IoT) in the Hotel Industry

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By the end of the year 2020, there will be 20.4 Billion IoT Devices. And that means IoT is going to have a big impact this year.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of many industries including the hotel industry. It is the next big thing for the hotel industry along with AI.

IoT will make the guest experience personalized and brisk.

On the other hand, it will make the hotelier more efficient. Hotels will be able to deliver more value to their guests that too on lower costs.

IoT is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and the connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able to inter-operate within the existing Internet infrastructure.


As the name suggests the Internet of Things is the network of things, i.e. all the appliances and devices around you.

It basically acts as a bridge between physical objects and the computer-based system. Hence a remote or mobile device can control them.

IoT found its vast application in the hospitality industry as hotels are always focusing on improving their features and amenities.

Hotels are implementing IoT-centric systems in order to better serve their customers and also increase the efficiency of its operations.

Let us discuss some of the ways in which IoT will enhance the Hotel Industry.

IoT brings automation to your hotel business. Which means time-saving and easy business processes.

This will not only increase the productivity of the hotelier but also allow him to concentrate on some more important issues.

It will not only save time but also resources and energy.

For instance, hotels are using this technology to conserve water. Water leakage results in monetary loss and damages the environment also.

IoT enabled systems can detect these water leakages and can save the day.

IoT integrated infrastructure can increase revenue and decrease the expenses of a hotel. They can be very eco-friendly also.

Stamford Advocate’s daylight harvesting system is one of the examples. This system saves energy by automatically adjusting the indoor lighting according to the sunlight.

Apart from that temperature can also be altered through IoT. 

If a guest enters his room and finds it at a perfect temperature, then the satisfaction level of that guest goes on to another level.

But to do that, hotels have to let their heaters or Ac work even if the room is vacant and it will be a costly process.

So the hotels can connect them to IoT and adjust the temperature on check-ins and check-outs.

After check-in, it becomes very difficult for the hotels to check whether the guest is in his room or not.

Knocking is not an ideal option as it can disturb the guest or the lack of response can be confusing.

IoT integrated thermostat can serve the purpose in such situations.

This can help the hotel in emergency situations.

For example, in the case of fire, there is no need to open all the doors and see if someone wants assistance. Rooms with occupancy can be targeted directly.

For loyal customers, there should be a bond created between customers and the brand. And this bond is also beneficial for brand equity.

Now to curate this bond offering personalized services is very necessary.

So if you know how a customer is interacting with your product and how they are using them then you can customize your product and services in accordance with them.

If in a hotel room all the appliances are connected to a wifi network and they are gathering data of the user’s behavior then it will be very helpful for the hoteliers to generate personalized services.

IoT platform could over time memorize a guest’s specific comfort preferences and automatically set up the room for their next stay, such as temperature, lights, TV channels & shades.

The TV could even greet the guest by name as soon as they walk in the door to make them feel special.

Inventory Management is an essential aspect of the hotel business. And if the inventory is not managed properly then it causes serious damages to the revenue.

IoT will change the way hotels manage their inventories.

IoT implemented systems will keep the record of the inventory and manage the changes in them automatically.

Hence there will be less scope for human error and also your staff can focus on other serious issues.

Hotels do preventive maintenance to help prolong the life of the equipment and to minimize guest complaints associated with unplanned service issues.

But predictive maintenance will take hoteliers, one step further, it will use sensors to recognize the problems and alert before the issue becomes hazardous.

Jerry Dallaire, owner of Custom Energy Solutions, says “Maybe a room air conditioning system isn’t working correctly. The system will send an alert to hotel staff so it can be fixed while the guest is away from the room before the problem
is even recognized.”

Whether it is a hotel chain of multiple hotels or multiple hotels tied up in a business partnership, synchronization is very important.

With the implementation of IoT, the data flow between multiple properties will become very smooth.

This will help in managing the customers and gathering reports and sales data etc…

These days as we know hotels are spending a lot to attract as many direct bookings as they can. In order to do that they are running loyalty programs on a large scale.

So if a loyal customer of a hotel chain revisits a hotel at a different place then with the help of IoT the hotel will be able to provide him the same personalized experience as the last visit.

IoT will lay a platform for staffless hotels in the future. And today it can help hotels to depend less on staff.

It will save both time and money for the hotels and also make guests experience better.

IoT will eliminate intermediaries and make the whole process more speedy with the help of automation.

There is always a desire for guests to take control. Nobody likes to be dependent on anyone. “I’ll do it myself” has become the living style of approximately every single person walking on the surface of the earth.

And IoT along with automated self-service can provide them exactly what they want.

It is very clear that the future is here for each of us.

Verily, IoT will bring in a lot of features and amusement. But its success will largely depend on gallivanters, that how they respond to it.

I hope you liked my attempt on the topic. Please write your views in the comment box below.

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