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Standard Operating Procedure In Hotel Industry

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Standard operating procedures or SOP in the hotel industry are needed because hotels have many functional departments. These departments and each operation in them need a set of procedures for them.

SOP in the hotel industry

With the SOP we can define the instructions for doing any task. This will reduce human error and save time and effort.

SOP is defined as the Standard operating procedure. According to SOP is defined as:

An SOP is a procedure specific to your operation that describes the activities necessary
to complete tasks in accordance with industry regulations, provincial laws or even just
your own standards for running your business.

The hotel industry has many departments in it. For example finance department, food and beverages, the HR department, kitchen and food preparation, hotel security, and the front desk.

All given above are the vital departments of the hotel industry, that are always in the operation and need high accuracy in the work.

When any new employees join the hotel, for ease of work we share the SOP for the same. They do their work by reading the SOP and the instructions are given in it.

Let’s discuss how SOP is used in the different departments separately.

Housekeeping is the operational department that is directly connected with the customer staying in the hotel.

The functions include making the room bed, cleaning, and checking equipment in the room is working properly or not.

So the SOP of the housekeeping includes the checklist like whether the room is clean or not, AC or room heater working or not, Restroom is checked, and many others.

It also includes instructions like, what to do if any clients call housekeeping for any particular thing. A good SOP with fine and easy instruction will produce accurate and error-free results.

After the pandemic health and safety is one of the major concerns to be taken care of. During the lockdown, the hotel industry suffered a loss.

When the industry reopens for the public they are taking care of health and safety measures.

The health and safety SOP of the hotel industry includes all the safety measures and guidelines.

Health and Safety SOP includes the measures like how many times the surface sanitization will be done. At the hotel, entry checks the vaccination certificate of the guest. An employee of the hotel was working on a rotation basis.

In the hotel, the cleaning process also has the SOP. For example, keep the board on the wet floor while mopping the floor to avoid slip accidents.

In the kitchen, the SOP is there for operating the microwave and other cooking appliances. This is done to avoid injury and burn cases by touching hot appliances.

The SOP is shared with the cooks and chef that they have to wear the chef cap, how to maintain hygiene while cooking food, how to check the vegetable quality, and many others.

The front office or front desk is the point where the customer comes first. The hotel front desk is the first place where the customer comes and asks for any query.

The guest can come with any kind of query and ask for help. The reception manager sitting there should be answerable to the guest and the problem solver.

The SOP of the front office includes the guideline that what vital information and belonging should be given to guests. For instance room keys, television remote, glass and cutleries, intercom directory, etc.

Give the SOP to the concerned person who is going to attend to the guest. What he is going to explain to the guest while showing him the room. Tell the guest how to switch on the light, fan, AC, and Tv and how to use the electric kettle.

This will make the guest comfort in the room and the front office department will be relaxed as all the things written in the SOP.

The food and beverages SOP plays a vital role in the hotel industry. This includes the guideline for the people who are working in the food and beverages department.

The set of instructions includes how to take food orders from the guest, how to serve them food, how to place the cutlery on the dining table, and many others.

The SOP of the food and beverages also includes the guideline and set of instructions for the beverages department.

It includes allowing 18+ and above for hard drinks. Which kind of glasses are used for serving the drinks? How to deal with the customer if they get allergic to any kind of drink and food. Also, how to handle the customer if they get a hangover after drinking.

All the guidelines are given in the SOP of food and beverages so that anyone can handle any situation at the last moment.

The SOP is the set of instructions given to the employee of the hotel to get the work done quicker. It is given to the new employees or the responsible person for any task to get the work done error-free with high accuracy.

SOP is the standard set for any task that will reduce working hours and increases guest satisfaction.

That’s all from “Standard Operating Procedure In Hotel Industry”.

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