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Smart hospitality software for better guest service

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As a hotelier, when efficiently running your hotel’s end-to-end operations is your ultimate goal. Adopting smart hospitality software is essential for better guest service.

You can’t ignore managing your in-house restaurant and other Point of Sale outlets like spas, and gyms. Because if you can’t competently manage those POS outlets, you will lose

Smart hospitality software

you might not be able to serve your guests and will lose out on revenues.

In this case, the adoption of a cloud Hotel PMS along with smart Hospitality POS System Software can keep everything running smoothly.

Given the limited budget that you allocate to buy tech solutions for your small hotel business, you can always look for a Cloud Hotel PMS that comes with an in-built Point of Sale software.

For example – QloApps helps you set up several booking solutions on the outlets based on your requirements like a restaurant, bar, or café.

Here is how you can address all your Point of Sale system related requirement with PMS adoption .

Most of your guests would not like to keep paying every time they eat at your restaurant or use your spa/gym during their stay.

As an alternative, they would prefer to pay everything in their final bill settlement during the checkout.

To facilitate your guest in this, you can leverage the integration between your PMS and POS system to transfer all such bills to a guest’s room.

This way, all your bills get posted to the guest room, helping you efficiently deal with wrong billing that may lead to revenue leakage and financial loss.

Plus, you make your guests happy that they don’t have to carry their wallets all the time in your hotel.

What if a guest has already raised checkout request and then eats at one of your restaurants? Your restaurant staff will try to post the bill to the guest room.

Since the checkout request has already been raised, the last restaurant bill will not reflect in the final bill. This would lead to a loss for your hotel.

In such a scenario, QloApps booking users can leverage the power of our in-built POS system to ensure.

However that no further bills/charges get posted from your restaurant POS system or café POS to a guest room once the guest raises a checkout request. This too helps you prevent financial loss.

While the in-built POS system in QloApps booking can help your big and chain hotels with all the above-mentioned activities like it would do in small and independent hotels.

The PMS is also integrated with several third-party cloud POS systems like POSist and ShawMan to help you in other important activities of your larger operations.

Such operationally imperative integrations will help you with the efficient management of your multiple in-house restaurant and other POS outlets through a higher degree of automation.

Not only this, but it would also offer you granular insights on all your POS outlets’ business through real-time reporting and detailed analytics.

Here is how it works –

A restaurant Point of Sale system also acts a smart restaurant management software.

It allows you to keep track of your most sought-after items in your restaurant/bar/café menu. If you have multiple FnB outlets, the system allows you to manage the menu for all the outlets from a central POS menu.

You can either create offers at the central level and deploy them across all the outlets, or you can even create and deploy outlet specific offers and promotions to boost sales.

You can keep track of outlet-level sales, get access to outlet-level reports, and measure their performance.

It helps you analyze ROI so that you can come up with better planning.

With a restaurant POS system in place, you can manage your stock requirements across all your outlets.

It allows you to calculate the actual stock that all your outlets would need and create a stock purchase orders based on actual consumption.

You can also view the status of the stock items that are ordered, purchased, and received at the outlet-level.

The whole process helps you keep your food costs under control while preventing item theft and pilferage.

In a cloud POS system, data is stored virtually on the cloud, rather than in physical servers on-site, in your hotel. Here some of the most important benefits that hoteliers can benefit out of cloud POS adoption.

Cloud technology reduces the expense of adoption of POS systems
You can access the data and make required adjustments from anywhere, As a cloud POS system stores data in the cloud.

In addition, you can access market insights from mobile devices from your restaurant and other POS sources on the go.

The POS device is in the cloud and guarantees zero downtime.
The cloud POS enables you to centrally manage operations and data if you have multiple restaurants, bars, cafes in multiple places.
Your information is still backed up and protected by encryption.

A smart hospitality booking software doesn’t only help you in managing all the POS outlets in your hotels.

It helps you serve your guests quite efficiently, too.

It lets you know your guests’ consumption behavior and pattern so that you can devise marketing campaigns to sell more non-room items.

For making an excellent hotel website Qloapps provides a better solution. You can easily manage all your hotel properties. For getting more information write on our forum.

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