Retain your clients by the implications of loyalty schemes

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Repeat guests are like an investment for hotels that give you a good return. The more you invest in their service, the more you can retain your clients .  

Be it a hotel, B&B, or restaurant – or any hospitality business, you need to focus on keeping existing guests the same as gaining new ones. This can happen by applying effective strategies to increase repeat guests at your hotel.

Turning your guests’ bad experience into a good one might give you more business because it will ultimately work on redeeming your business reputation.

Guests always recognize hotel staff who dedicatedly do their job and serve them in the best way possible. A professional hotel ensures that guests get the best experience, before, during, and post their stay. 

Below are some strong points as – how increasing repeat guests at your hotel boost your business

Looking at the facts and numbers,10% of your repeat guests spend more per transaction than the other 90% of guests.

Loyal guests visit frequently at your hotel. And when they do, they try various amenities that you provide, multiple cuisines, or other upgraded services. 

The reason your repeat guests spend more is – they feel confident with the standard of food or service you provide to them. Hence, without any second thought, these guests try using other facilities that involve more cost.

Your guests (new or repeat) are one of your best marketing assets. They can make your hotel sink or swim in the market, depending on the guest experience you provide.

92% of guests say they trust word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising.

Today, in the world of the internet, it has become easy for your loyal guests to promote your hotel business by posting photos of their stay with you on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.     

Also, ask them to tag you, request reviews, and more; to make your brand more interesting and enticing for others.  

Hence, it is necessary to adopt a “customer-centric” approach with a strong focus on guest satisfaction and customer service. Believe me, it makes a lot of difference.

1 The first impression is the last

2 Deal with your guests’ issues instantly

3 Educate and help your guests with other services

4 Keep a personalized touch even if you’re a mile away

5 Excite guests with exclusive packages and deals

6 Ask for feedback

7 Remember your guests every time they visit

8 Offer multiple communication channels to guests

Now, let us go in-depth with each of these methods and see how you can implement them at your property.

Believe it or not, if you want to leave your footmark on your guests’ minds, the first and last impression matters a lot. Before your guests’ arrive at your hotel, you can call them to ask whether they need a cab service with a sweet gesture that – we’re waiting to make your day improve at our hotel. 

It can be anything from pickle to jam, a small packet of fresh mint, or even discounts on their next stay (in the upcoming offseason) — anything that you use at your hotel or is famous in your region.

You can even email a simple thank you note a few days after your guests’ visit. It will surely give them something to remember you whenever they plan their next trip to your location.

Sometimes guests face issues or have a query during their stay at your hotel. Listening to your guests and delivering or solving their issues instantly makes it a memorable experience for them.

Your availability for your guests helps you in building rapport and trust in the eyes of your customers.

It’ll encourage them to return to your place. The more visible you are to your guests, the higher are the chances that they might surprise you by visiting your hotel next time soon. 

You should also consider going the extra mile to help your guests by making your rules and regulations flexible at your hotel. 

For example, allowing your guests to have breakfast a bit early, let them eat their homemade food (on the first day) if they’ve brought with them. Sometimes, this small help leaves a great impact on the guests’ minds.  

Helping is the new selling. Your focus should not be only on selling the hotel room, attracting guests to stay at your hotel, or gaining profit.

You – as a responsible hotelier should also solve your guests’ problems to fulfill their wish.

You can discuss with your guests about their plan to visit a location and if they want some help from you. It is good if you make a note of it and offer some kind of advice beforehand. 

Moreover, you can educate them about the additional facilities that you provide at your hotel. For example; gym, spa, workshops, or events — depending on their events and relevance.

And if any offers are available on some of your services. This will make them feel more welcomed.     

You never know when your guests will plan their next trip. Hence, you should not leave any room to miss out on your guests during peak seasons as well as off-seasons.

Other than that, you can also create offers/discounts on selected festivals or occasions that your guests celebrate. For example; New year, Christmas, Valentine’s day, bachelor party (pre-wedding), orWomen’s/Fathers’/Mothers’ day.

Ask them if they’re planning any similar events in the upcoming month/year, and urge them to book with you by making attractive offers.

Reward guests’ loyalty by offering them exclusive deals and packages. The smart hotels never miss out on the opportunity to make their loyal guests feel more special.

Let them feel like you care for the guest you know or have visited before at your hotel. 

Believe me, this will prove to be one of the best ways to increase repeat guests at your hotel.

Apart from the guest issues that you solve, it is equally important to consider that there might be other guests who don’t complain.

Rather, they just let it go. Moreover, most of the guests enjoy staying or like a particular thing while staying at your hotel. 

Guest feedback is important to increase repeat guests at your hotel

Ask your guests to give you feedback or leave a review.

Ask guests what they like or what disappoints them, and most importantly, what can be improved at your hotel. Don’t hesitate to receive negative feedback as they will help you enhance your hotel services.

Guests will be flattered if you ask for their opinions, for any new ideas that they want a hotel to implement,

And their recommendations on how your hotel can improve a few things. Though, don’t just take their opinions and let them be.

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