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Reassuring guests about their safety in the hotel after Covid-19

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In this Corona pandemic, people are very afraid for their safety in hotels. Hence it becomes important to reassuring guests about their safety in the hotel to get bookings.

No one may gamble his or her life. In this time of crisis, your guests would like to understand what your hotel is doing in response to COVID-19. What are the safety steps taken by hotels?

a woman and a man wear mask for their safety in hotel

Health and safety is the top concern for everyone. Effective communication will be more important than ever to ensure guests are kept up to date.

Communication is very important for keeping your customers with your brand.

Making arrangements for any kind of health emergency or any calamities is crucial. In this pandemic time hospitality industry is suffering most.

Now hotels will start to open and be ready for taking bookings.

A guest will go only in that hotel which is taking safety precautions carefully. So to tell them about what procedures and guidelines are following by you.

If you’re available during this difficult period, here are our top tips for interacting with guests.

1 Tell them about your safety precautions and procedures

2 Communication uniformity is important

3 Train your staff for maintaining safety in hotels

4  Communicate with local healthcare authorities

5 Set guidelines for accommodation

If you’re able to open then you will have to make some changes to your safety regulations. For instance, reducing visitor numbers, implementing social distancing measures.

You can only allow cashless payment for their safety and minimal contact.  It is important to tell about your safety efforts to your guest.

Once guests arrive sensitized their footwear. Use sanitizer to disinfect their hands. In addition, check the temperature of guests on the check-in point. Sensitize the elevator on a regular basis.

You can upload videos by showing all your security measures. Describe all the processes in videos.

Visuals will show directly how much you are concern about them.

Customers will go visit only in those hotels which are giving surety. No guest will put his life on risk.

Communication is very important to make good connections. tI is also crucial to sustain the business. You can make connections by using social media and on your own website.

Upload posts what efforts are taken by your hotel. You can also upload videos of the mock drills. Information should not create any type of confusion.

a poster is written good news is coming

You can tell them what you are doing during the lock-down period. It will create interest in your property.

By making videos of all new changes upload them on your website or social platforms. Your employees can upload posts

Keep your audience up-to-date on what they can look forward to when they visit. Update your hotel politicizes with new safety guidelines.

Training for staff is very necessary to handle this type of situation. Keep your space hygienic and clean. Do not allow any sick employee to stay in the hotel.

In serving of foods hotel must adhere to standards that ensure the safety of all guests. Ensure your guest that your suppliers also following all the security measures.

Your employees should be trained appropriately to handle these types of circumstances. Trained employees trust their work more. They are gradually cautious and feel liable for the items that serve visitors.

Train your staff for minimal contact with customers. In addition, provide masks and gloves to your staff regularly. Check their temperature when they are going to assist any guests.

Because of quarantine, your staff was away from work for a long time. Keeping them motivated is very essential for your business.

Monitor your staff’s health very closely. If any person is sick then send him for health checkup immediately.

If you have a connection with healthcare and other authority then it is good. You can take their help at the time of any emergency.

Nowadays Covid-19 is a big challenge for hotels. People are afraid of their health. So by having a connection with these authorities you can easily manage these types of situations.

They will provide you assistance. It also increases the faith of your customers in your brand.

Likewise, ITC hotels have launched their WeAssure initiative. ITC Hotels are collaborating with medical professionals to set cleaning protocols across all ITC Hotels.

People trust authorities and agencies. Hence by making contact with them you can ensure your guests about their safety.

The hotel should change its protocols and guidelines. The World Health Organization like authorities is giving guidelines for safety for people’s safety.

A hotel should make procedures to follow all these guidelines. Make protocols for housekeeping, check-in, and cooking.

Now hotels will have to take extra precautions in cooking and serving food. Hygiene of the kitchen is so important. Be extra precautions in the supply of ingredients for cooking.

Clean your hotel rooms every day and change all the linens and bedsheets. After that put sanitizers in different parts of your hotel.

At the end of this, I can give this conclusion that the safety of guests is very important in hotels. Therefore, a hotel should follow the guidelines of authorities like WHO.

At the end of this, I can give this conclusion that the safety of guests is very important in hotels. A hotel should follow the guidelines of authorities like WHO.

Make sure that the teams are completely prepared to accept visitors when they reopen. Train the workers to avoid close interaction and to maintain social space.

A clean and hygienic environment is very necessary. Sanitize your hotel rooms and other areas every day. Sick employees should be on leave.

For expanding your business, you should have approaches and strategies to handle these types of emergencies.

In conclusion, use every possible measure to make the hygienic environment and ensure guest safety in COVID–19 pandemics.

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Comment your ideas and suggestions related to the safety of guests in the comment box.

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