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How psychological factors boost your hotel bookings

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In this new era, technology is changing day by day. The market is shifting towards new trends. Now the hotels are using some psychological factors to get advantages.

black color brain picture is showing about  psychological factors boost your hotel bookings

There are lots of tactics for marketing your hotel. These lots of tactics only confused the hotelier.  A hotelier feels overflooded with tools of marketing.

However new technology is making improvements in the marketing of hotels. But the human will always remain the same. Studying human behavior is therefore important for your hotel’s market.

Customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of the service. For satisfying customers, it is vital to understand there needs and wants.

For getting insights into customers’ needs, you will have to understand their reactions to different situations. Psychology plays a role in understanding their situations.

The human brain is always in search of some precious traits. Therefore you should understand customer psychology.

To study consumer behavior and decision-making process is very crucial. So by knowing the psychological reasons you can directly enter into the consumer minds.

Here in this blog, I’m discussing the psychological triggers that influence consumer decision making. 

  1. One psychological factor is loyalty
  2. Storytelling engages guests
  3. Influence Customer by  urgency and scarcity

Consumer pays attention to where they receive more value. So Loyalty is a very big factor in repurchasing. The personal touch in services makes a good impact.

It is very beneficial to have loyal customers. If you want that guest will return you should give extra. There is no one who does not wish for extra value.

Customization is the key to invoke loyalty. Therefore creating loyalty, we will have to create an image in consumers’ minds. By offering a special experience, you can create an image in their mind.

Loyalty depends on the psychology of a person. It defines his expectations and their fulfillment. Loyalty creates by tackle all these expectations.

Now a big question arises only fulfilling their expectations is enough? The answer is big now. It will not make them loyal if you don’t give discounts.

For instance, discounts play a very important role in loyalty. If the guest gets a discount on the second visit it will make his mood happier. Hence, he will choose your hotel again and again.

To be the first choice in the buying decision of the consumer take some extra initiative. Offer rewards points when they return to your hotel.

Reward strategies will definitely increase the bookings for your hotel. It is a psychological technique to persuade the customer.

Human likes storytelling since early age time. Storytelling is very engaging. You can tell your features in a story form. In addition, you can market your hotel without actually selling.

You can narrate your story by video and images. For instance, visuals are more engaging methods. Visual storytelling invokes memories.

It creates a psychological motive for the human mind. Therefore, by your story, customers will engage with you.

You can add an interview with your head chef. You can show how the cleaning staff works in the hotel. A 360-degree view of hotels can also create a positive impact.

Create a story and explain whether your hotel should be built for guests? So they’ll know what they’ll get out of you.

The personal approach is very crucial in marketing. In addition, you should understand the customers’ needs. So, fulfill those needs to get his faith in your hotel.

In storytelling, you can add information about local tourism. So it will also work as a guide for them. They will know more about you and your surroundings.

It is a very creative technique to stimulate their minds. Make a plan for posting this type of content on your website. How often you will post make a schedule for it.

If your hotel is any historical building then describe it also. Tell them about its history. It will create interest in your hotel in the consumer’s mind.

Customer is attracted to those things which are not easily available. In other words, they like it when there are scares of resources.

Marketers stimulate for purchase by using urgency and scarcity. So first we should understand what are these two factors.

Urgency is when the user feels the need to act quickly because it’s becoming important.

hourglass with pink sand

Scarcity is when the customer feels the need to pick up the product /service because the supply is low, but the demand is high.

Urgency is a psychological trigger that is deeply rooted in our brains. It relates to the  Fear of Missing Out. Urgency is a time-based concept that prompts us to act quickly.

Scarcity and urgency are undoubtedly powerful techniques to increase conversions. It directly triggers the human brain. Then they stimulate for buying products.

Hotels use urgency concept in showing room availability countdown. They show a tag of ‘Hurry up’. It influences consumers to book a room soon.

The hotel uses the scarcity concept by showing results like that only 4 rooms are left. This inspires people to act quickly and boosts demand.

Hence for getting more booking psychological studies is very important. For making the right strategy, we should know consumer needs and expectations.

The market is changing every day. We are moving the digital world more and more every day.

The tourism industry also has an influence on it.  Strategies for marketing hotels are also changing day by day. Strategy formulation is pivoting more about understanding human behavior.

Use reward schemes to get the customer. By posting the stories you can make better use of social media to persuade them.

Scarcity and urgency also play an important role in influencing customers. Hence it is clear how psychological factors are important in boosting hotel bookings.

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Write your ideas and opinions about costumer psychology in the hospitality industry in the comment box.

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