Pay-at-table: New Emerging hotel Trends

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Due to social distancing, table payment technology is increased a lot. For contactless payment, people are looking for pay at table solutions. So the customer does not have to stand up from their seats and go to the payment counter for the payment.

pay at table solutions

Hence, table payment came into the picture. The pay at table solution is a new buzz in the market. Table Technology for restaurants is essential for payments, like using QR codes in the hotel industry. Also, the hotelier can use the POS for payments in a hotel.

Usually, in many restaurants, the customer pays the food bill after the meal course is done. The customers tell the server that their meal is completed and they are ready to pay the bill.

The hotel server comes to your table with multiple pays at table solutions. It can be scan and paid through a QR code, or POS machine. The guest can use any card type for payment through the POS machine. It will be safe and secure for payment purposes.

The tabletop QR code is also useful for payments. The QR codes are kept at the top of the table. The customer can easily scan it and pay the ordered amount.

After this, the server will give you the invoice. It is seen that this pay technology is increasing the guest experience, and it is like by the customers.

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of restaurant payment technology:

Like every coin has two sides, the same as with the Pay at Table Solutions:

The pay-at-hotel is one of the safe and secure processes for bill payments. The payment processing is done in front of the guest. Guests will enter the security code on their own. Hence, the credentials will not be share with anyone.

Pay-at-the-Table Technology Pays good inputs in terms of customer experience. Table payment speed up the process of the payment. The customers do not need to stand in queue for long hours for payment.

Customers consider pay technology as one of the smart methods to pay the restaurant’s bill. For this, hoteliers need to keep them updated with the latest restaurant payment technology.

Many times customers are not sure about the tip amount they have to pay. Also, sometimes servers ask for unexpected tips.

With pay at table solutions, they had the option to enter the tip amount fixed for all sever.

Customer retention means the customer returning to your restaurant. That means you are not losing your customers. Restaurant payment technology attracts customers. 

This technology speeds up the payment process. The customer does not need to pay in cash and wait for the change. The server will reach the table with the pay at table solution. 

The customer just pays the bill and goes back home happily.

The speed of payment gets high with this pay technology. The server only needs to get the POS machine or place the OR tabletop. The guest gives the card for the payment. Or they scan the QR code. 

This whole process does not need to go to the cash counter, paying the cash, and getting the change. All these processes do not need much staff to manage the cash and maintain the cash counter. The table also gets vacant a little fast for the next guest.

This payment technology requires investment in making up the setup. To set up the server, wifi, and account details. 

All the setup requires the initial cost to initiate table technology for restaurants.

When the customer pays the cash at the counter, the hotel staff needs more manpower and more counters to collect and manage the cash.

After the pay at table solutions, the hotelier needs a lesser number of counters and manpower.

Table technology for restaurants depends on the wifi and internet system. If this system fails, then you have to go back to the cash payment system. 

Many time hotelier can face a technical glitch in the system that hinders the payment at the table. So to keep your system in a working state, keep your system updated.

Restaurant owners can benefit from the technology provided by pay-at-table software. 

Hoteliers benefit from a better bottom line, and restaurant staff is spare to concentrate on providing high-quality service in other areas when guests are given the option to place orders and pay for them themselves.

I hope you like reading our article Pay at Table Technology – New Trend in Restaurant Payment. 

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