Methods To Position your Hotel as a Unique Brand

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It is the common human nature that we automatically get attracted to something that is different from rest. Now, what will happen if you apply the same philosophy to your hotel? Well, yes by doing so you will position your hotel as a unique brand in their minds.

These days there are various options available for hotels that can be adopted. It will lead you to earn loyalty from the guests thus more bookings.


When we talk about the seven wonders of the world, we quickly get the unique picture in our minds. These monuments were built with distinctive architecture.

It is time to learn from these wonders and start selecting fascinating interior designs for your hotel. Go for some awesome theme for your hotel room that awes the guests when they make an entrance. Create photogenic areas in the hotel. For example, you can decorate your hallway with beautiful paintings or a sculpture. This will compel your guests to take pictures and share them on social media.


Tourists visit other countries to witness the different cultures. They love to embrace the rich experience by getting a taste of the local culture. You can ask your staff to offer guests suggestions of famous markets, the restaurants that sell authentic food and drinks, the events or festivals celebrated in the nearby area.


It’s the 21st century where people have embraced technology in their lives on an extensive level. First and foremost you need to have a mobile-friendly website. Users love it when they are able to smoothly move through the website and make reservations with their fingertips.

Sending pre-stay emails helps you build a strong relationship with your guests an opportunity to upsell other services or amenities.

Customers have become accustomed to technological amenities during their stay. A strong wi-fi connection through your hotel is a must. Big screen TVs with online streaming, easy check-in, and check-out process are some of the amenities that will add plus points for your hotel experience.

Just like the pre-stay emails distributing post-stay emails will facilitate in garnering reviews on popular review websites. These reviews will create a great impression on other potential customers.


The generic emails do not create a buzz for your guests. It just like any marketing email which is at the maximum time is ignored by them. Such email land into the trash and are never even opened.

It is high time that you target customers based on their demographics, their booking history, their preferences and social media data.

The email content such as video interviews with your hotel staff, testimonials of guests, blog content, pictures of guests having fun etc. also help in familiarizing with your brand.


Online reviewers and social media followers are the real promoters of your brand with their content. They have friend circles and family so they are sure to promote your brand with the word of mouth.

You can send special offers to such followers as it will encourage them to boost the name of your hotel. Another way is to conduct online user-generated campaigns on social media and offer chances to win a free stay or amenity upgrades next time they book with you.

Featuring their content on your blog and social media will also generate confidence in other travelers. This will send a message to the travelers about the awesome guest experience you never fail to deliver.

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