Maximize Hotel Revenue by Balancing Between Business and Leisure Travelers

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If you restrict your hotel for a particular type of travelers then chances are you are missing out a lot of revenue. People traveler either for business or leisure, and both type of travelers are potential customers for your small hotel.

By maintaining a balance between different between business and leisure travelers you can create a healthy atmosphere at your hotel. Thus, welcoming all types of guests is beneficial for your small hotel.


Both type of travelers belong to separate market and are important for your hotel. They both are part of different market segment who have different needs and have had different guest experience. You need to understand their needs and find ways to attract them. In this way you will be increasing your revenue and attract more bookings.


Why not? It is simple math. More guests will result in more revenue. These type of travelers focus on the gaining different benefit and amenities from hotels. By promoting your hotel as completely and effectively as possible to strike a balance between the two types of travelers.


1. Attract travelers by offering special add-ons or amenities. For example you can offer free wi-fi to guests for directly booking at your hotel. As internet access has become a necessity, it is equally important for business as well as leisure travelers. Some other appealing other in-room conveniences to both the travelers are ergonomic chairs and desks, good lightning,easy access to power outlet, coffee makers etc.

2. Get a mobile-friendly website for your hotel. With a responsive and mobile-friendly website, you provide both types of travelers an easy way to access through any device on the go. In this way you also save a lot of their time and streamline the online booking process.

3. Utilize social media to create a buzz about your hotel. Think of different promotions and events that will help you increase your hotel’s online presence . So you need to build online marketing strategies to increase interest amongst both the business and leisure travelers.


One thing to understand is that by relying only one type of traveler can adversely effect the performance of your hotel. There are chances that in one season you get more bookings from business travelers and the demand is low for leisure travelers and vice-versa. Therefore, by creating a balance between both the travelers will provide your hotel with a steady flow of income.


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