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Key benefits of order tab in QloApps

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Our order tab feature in QloApps helps hotels of different locations, sizes and budget create a seamless booking and reservation experience.

If you have multiple hotels and websites at different locations and you want to manage them effectively so you can use QloApps.

Hoteliers have to deal with a large number of bookings daily.

Hence, the hotel reservation system is must-haves for hotel operating presently.

And QloApps order management feature will do the same.

Further, as your hotel business grows, you can add customization and extensions to make it do what you desire.

Order tab in QloApps

In this blog, I will chalk out the benefits which you will get from the order tab of QloApps.

But let’s first understand what QloApps is.

It is an open-source hotel reservation system that helps you to launch your beautiful looking website.

This system is available for free of cost and is highly customizable.

It has a beautiful landing and a user-friendly interface.

It has features to support multi-language and currencies, manage translations, multiple refund rules and tax rules.

Further, you can set prices of rooms according to special days, weekdays, and/or range of dates.

You can also temporarily disable room for selected dates.

The customer can search for rooms/hotels location wise and cancel their reservation anytime.

And there are many more features in it.

The order tab enables us to manage bookings efficiently made by guests.

It starts with when a customer books a room and ends with his staying in the hotel.

The daily task of managing orders is continuous and tense.

The order tab takes care of everything that happens when a customer books a room.

It keeps details of booking made by customers, invoices, credit slips, order status, and order messages.

Thus, all these help in successfully handle the booking of customers.

If any delays, inconsistency or problem is face by the customer in the booking process.

Then that person is more likely to become dissatisfied with your company. QloApps meet these expectations of the customer.

Hence, you are not at the risk of losing the customer. And they will take their business elsewhere.

With order management, you will have an idea of every detail of your customers.

Like their name, mail id, the amount paid, order status, room book, etc.

This way, you and your customer are updated about everything with regular email updates regarding their bookings and reservation.

If order management software is not there, then the compilation of customer data and arranging them in order is not possible.

There are chances of errors. Hence, this service of QloApps makes the process more informative with all the details at a place.

So, it keeps fulfils customer expectations and address any queries while maintaining transparency in the booking process from beginning to end.

The final decision is yours who you want to send email regarding order confirmation.

You can send email to the customer, super admin, hotelier and employee.

This way you can update everyone about the status of the booking. 

Each touchpoint in the QloApps provides an opportunity to deliver great customer experience and boost revenue and retention. 

Further, as all data are arranged in order, it will increase business efficiency and decrease the time you spend on organizing data. 

Hence, hoteliers will not need to manually update everything. It will do it for them and saves time.

The feature of the order tab will keep a record of databases of customers.

Thus, help hoteliers to develop a positive relationship with their customers.

Further, it gives hoteliers real-time insights into customer interactions, which creates a seamless experience at every single touchpoint.

It not only increases efficiency but also productivity in the marketing, sales and customer service department.

It uses data that improves the efficiency of your hotel business, and you will also find that you have happy and more loyal customers.

Hence, you will discover the benefits of a positive customer experience at every touchpoint when you leverage the power management of data.

As you know, your customers and their email address, you can use this information in future.

You can add personalized content and send it to your potential guests.

It may be fun to provide some information about the location and entertainment activities your hotel is hosting for leisure travellers.

For instance, karaoke nights, pool parties, etc.

While business travellers may want to receive information about a car rental or restaurants appropriate for a business conference.

Further, you can use the knowledge to make them feel welcome at your hotel.

It will create a happy and satisfied customer journey from their booking to check-out.

Ultimately, it will build guests relations and increase conversions.

While QloApps, order tab takes care of every requirement.

But still, if you want to make it more specific to your website, you can customize your website as per your requirements.

You can track the behaviour of the majority of your guests and your competitors before making any conclusion.

To make your hotel appear better than your competitors you can customize it specifically to your guest’s needs.

You will stand out from your competitors and people will remember you for your style and uniqueness.

From above we can conclude that with the order tab in QloApps has numerous benefits.

It provides seamless management of bookings by guests. It centralizes everything while maintaining transparency in everything.

Further, it enhances customer experience and you will also find that you have happy and more loyal customers.

Customers will give their email address and other information while making reservations, you can use this information in future.

You can also customize the order tab as per the requirements of your website.

Please share views in the comment box.

If you want to learn about the functionality of QloApps then you can visit this link: QLO Reservation System – Free Open-Source Hotel Booking & Reservation System.

In case of any query, issue or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum

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