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Investing in Right Hotel Technology can Boost Returns

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In recent years there has been a change in the way the reservations are made. It wasn’t long ago that the customers had to make reservations through traditional methods. They had to call many hotels and confirm room bookings. The hotels, on the other hand, had to maintain registers to manage booking and customer information.

But now, with the rise in technology in hospitality sector the online reservation trend has become a norm. Finding it as an opportunity to reach more customers, many big branded hotels and hoteliers are spending a lot of money on technology.

If you have a hotel and are looking to invest in any technology, then it is very critical for you to estimate how much return you can get from that technology. This is not an easy job, though, but you should consider some pivotal points to gauge your investment:

1.Can it lower your expenditure?
2.Will it increase your revenue?
3.Does it save time?

Let’s have a look at these points in more detail:


When you use an outdated technology, the expenses needed to maintain such systems is a lot higher than using any latest one. For example, you are using a legacy system, so you will need to hire an IT professional to manage the system. This increases your expenditure as you need to pay the IT professional a salary to run the system. In addition to it you also need to shed some more money for maintenance.

Nowadays the technology is not only fast but also user-friendly. The systems are designed to provide you a simple interface so that most of the users are able to easily operate on their own. Thus you don’t have to hire any specialist to get the job done and that money stays in your pocket.


Many hoteliers run their hotels using spreadsheets, so there is no cost for IT department or maintenance. But is this really an efficient strategy to save money? Instead, such hotels are losing an opportunity to earn more!

You must think and understand the latest trends in hotel industry. For example you know that modern travelers prefer to book rooms online nowadays. If your hotel is online, then they will be able to search it online. If they are able to search it online this, in turn, increases chances for them to book rooms at your hotel.

In today’s tech-savvy world and fast paced industry, hotels have huge opportunity to attract online guests and get bookings from any part of the world. So you must go for the technology that help you sell your rooms to as many guests as you can by improving your global reach. This will allow you to translate into more bookings and generate more revenue.


Time is a very valuable asset which can never be regenerated. So it is better to save and use it wisely.

When you or your staff spends more time in tasks like updating entries manually in spreadsheets or using legacy systems it leads to a great loss of time. The guests nowadays have high expectations and want personalized guest experience. So the time lost here could have been used in dedicating it to make your guests happy.

Therefore a system that makes it easy for you to manage the day to day operations, that can automatically update room occupancy in real-time and manage your room prices can be a great tool to save your time. This will also allow your staff to utilize the time to please the guests and deliver a great experience.


Investing in cutting edge hotel technology will allow you to improve your guest acquisition rate as well as refine your overall marketing strategy.If a cutting edge hotel technology allows you to improve your guest experience rate, help you sell your rooms in better ways and streamline your business processes, then it is worth your investment.

We at Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd. have worked tremendously hard to forge a solution for hoteliers in the form of Qloapps. It is well designed online hotel reservation and booking system with an intuitive user interface. Through it you can launch your own elegant looking website. And the best part is it is an open-source and completely free of cost software.


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