Innovative methods of involving hospitality staff

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For any business to get more productivity involvement of its employee is important. You should adopt innovative methods for involving hospitality staff.

When venues work with a team of engaged employees, they create a sustainable and productive business.

Creating a great workplace through employee engagement secures business success.

Owners less turnover, higher quality of work, more productivity, and more sales.

In this blog post, we’re sharing how business owners and managers can create better engagement.

It is crucial for teams to drive success for the entire organization.

Employee engagement is an employee’s commitment to an organization and its goals, and the employee’s passion for their work.

Engaged employees typically go above and beyond the call of duty and do more than what’s required of them in their job description.

Every business owner wants that employees should work in teams.

Employee engagement pays off by reducing turnover, increasing productivity, and increasing revenue.

Ultimately, engaged employees lead to hotel at success.

The annual venue employee turnover rate stands at a staggering 73%. Engaged employees tend to be happier employees, and are therefore less likely to leave your venue for another employer.

According to Cornell’s Center for hospitality research, turnover costs the hospitality industry $5,864 per lost employee.

Think about what retaining one, five, or 10 employees over a year through engagement could mean for your business.

In addition to the thousands of dollars associated with hiring and training new employees, turnover also costs venues productivity.

Even before disengaged employees quit, they’re less motivated by their work so they don’t perform at their maximum potential and are more likely to take sick days.

Engaged employees, on the other hand, take 10 times fewer sick days than disengaged employees.

Did you know that highly engaged employees bring in 147% more profits than their less passionate peers?

When front-of-house staff are inspired by their work, they can upsell and serve more authentically, which makes customers more receptive to their offers.

Engaged employees work harder, make customers happier, and generate more revenue for your venue than disengaged employees.

When you know how to engage employees at your venue, you’ll build a rockstar team that will lead your venue to success.

Now that you understand the importance of employee engagement, you must be dying to know how to engage employees effectively.

Here are seven creative ways to engage employees at your venue.

Share your venue’s mission, vision, and/or values during employee onboarding.

When employees understand that they’re working towards a larger goal, they’ll feel more passionate about their work.

Offer recognition with things like an employee of the month or performance bonuses and rewards to team members who embody your venue’s values.

New call to action a recent study of the restaurant industry by 7shifts found that three-quarters of restaurant employees say the best part of working in the industry is their colleagues.

When employees feel like they’re part of a family, they’ll be more engaged and will look forward to working with their colleagues.

Work friendships increase employee satisfaction by 50%.

Create a sense of community among your team by making team meals a tradition, hosting social events for employees outside of work, or organizing holiday parties.

Let employees know that you care about them by acknowledging employment anniversaries, birthdays, and other meaningful personal occasions.

Giving your team members shout outs on social media, singing happy birthday during a team meeting.

And also acknowledging an employee’s child’s birthday in your team’s communication app will mean a lot.

Showing employees that you care about them beyond their professional capacity goes a long way in making employees feel more engaged at work.

A little friendly competition can go a long way to boost sales, morale, and employee engagement.

Offer incentives to your team for specific goals like upselling, decreasing ticket times, or selling a special menu item.

Be creative with prizes to make the competition worthwhile. You could offer the winner a paid day off from work or concert tickets,

For example. Gamifying performance is just one creative way to engage employees.

Pair new employees with more experienced staff members to serve as mentors throughout their employment.

Moreover tell employees to think of their mentors as someone between a manager and a friend.

Because they can go to for advice on how to adjust to any issue of the hotel and someone they can celebrate victories with.

Providing new team members with mentors is effectively a news step.

It shows them that you and the venue’s management team care about their professional development.

Invest in your employees’ success and they’ll be more invested in the success of your venue.

Set aside a budget for professional training opportunities for your team.

You can set individual budgets or team budgets that managers can spend on group professional development.

QloApps provides a solution for your staff training. Moreover trained staff will work efficiently.

Facilitating communication among your team members will help them work together better by fostering a feeling of kinship.

A good employee scheduling tool will also have a team communication component.

Hence enabling employees to communicate with their team members while managing their shifts from their phones.

When employees can easily communicate with each other. Then they will be more committed to their work.

Employee engagement is the passion that employees have for the work that compels them to put discretionary effort into what they do.

Since engagement increases productivity grows your revenue and reduces turnover.

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