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Importance Of Look-To-Book Ratio Of The Hotel Website

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It becomes a concern when the number of visitors is high on your hotel website and room bookings are low. Then the look-to-book ratio of the hotel falls.

look-to-book ratio for your hotel

According to Forbes, an average look-to-book ratio is 5% and 7% or between 2% and 5%.

Look-to-book ratio is important terminology that tells about how many visitors are visiting the website and how many are doing the booking. Also, you can say how much the website is effective in converting the visitor into a sale conversion.

There are many reasons why the look-to-book ratio fluctuates. Sometimes you have seen the look-to-book ratio of the hotel is high and some time is low.

This is one of the significant factors that fluctuate the look-to-book ratio. This season’s time increases the look-to-book ratio higher side.

During this season people come to the hotel website for the bookings of rooms. Therefore, during the season hotel have a high number of guests.

Guests will see higher price in-room charges due to an increase in demand. In this season the hotelier earns much more as compared to the other season.

Season time or peak time, therefore, has the look-to-book ratio of the hotel higher.

Sometimes happens that visitor comes to your hotel website for the booking and leaves the website without booking.

This happens due to the type of room they want they are not getting it. The website visitor wants any exclusive kind of room. For instance: suite, mini suite, presidential suite, or any other royal category.

If any visitor does not find these types of categories then they drop the booking from the hotel website.

Sometimes it happens that visitor finds the room price higher for any room type. And after the taxes, the fare increases more. After that visitor leaves the website.

The hotel category is one of the major factors changing the look-to-book ratio. If the hotels the branded hotel, for example, Hotel Taj in Colaba, Mumbai, these types of hotels have higher fares as compared to other hotels.

The average-class people visit this hotel site to explore their views and services. They do not visit the hotel website for room booking.

Therefore, the look-to-book ratio falls. Therefore it is advisable for the branded chain, five stars to keep a buffer for these visitors.

The type of booking plays a vital role in the look-to-book ratio. The booking facilities provided on the website is how much simple and easy makes the difference in changing the value of the ratio.

If any visitor finds the booking difficult then they will not give a second to switch to another hotel. The payment gateway for the booking should be smooth, safe, and secure.

If any person finds it cryptic then they will switch to another way.

Sometimes little improvement will show a lot of effect on the booking numbers.

If you want to increase the profit and the sale of your hotel then given below are a few methodologies to improve the look-to-book ratio for your hotel

The hotel website is the face of the hotel. If the website visitor finds the website is not secured or not loading properly then they will leave the website.

If the website is loading fast and the navigation is simple, or the website is user-friendly, then customers will proceed with booking.

Additionally, familiar language and translations will help to hold the visitor on the website. It may lead to sale conversion.

It is also suggested to maintain the SEO of the hotel website. A good SEO will help you to improve the ranking of the website in search engine results.

More fine the rank, the more visitors to the website.

The room booking process is one of the vital sources for the hotel’s business. If the booking process is lethargic and hard to navigate then visitors will not spend much time on it.

The visitor can easily add the rooms to the cart. As well as, they can easily add the amenities they want and extra beds.

After that, if they want to proceed with the payment they can select the mode of payment they want and these options should be available on the website.

For the higher look-to-book ratio the pricing of the rooms should be decent with the market. The price should not too high that the customer can not justify it and deny to pay for the booking.

The price should be suitable for the hotelier too so that they can gain profit. The hotel business should not go into a loss.

Therefore, the price of the room should be suitable for both entity customers and hoteliers.

When the hotels get listed on the OTA the customer will get to know about the hotel. Then many users will go to the hotel website and see all the facilities and amenities of the hotel.

If they like the website, room, and prices then they will book it.

There is no doubt that customers like the discount and the coupon code. When customers find the discount and the offers on the booking amount then the look-to-book ratio will increase.

These types of offers and rewards attract the customer. Because everyone wants the booing at the best available prices.

The Look to book ratio is one of the important parameters. This will tell you how many people are visiting the website and leaving the website without booking.

You can improve the ratio by maintaining your website and the pricing.

That’s all from “Importance Of Look-To-Book Ratio Of The Hotel Website”.

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