How your hotel staff can become more productive

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Hotel staff morale is very important to the smooth and effective running of hotel operations. And hotel owners should take several actions so hotel staff can become more productive.

Whether a hotel is a multi-chain or an independent hotel smooth function of operations is always a challenge.  When reservations come back to back then workload on your team increases.

More burden can decrease the performance and productivity of them. Hence ,work on removing the extra workloads from your employees.

Your instruction should be clear to the staff so that they can understand what should be done.

Hoteliers should encourage their employees to work. They can incentivize staff. Praise on their good work is very good. It increases the employee’s morale.  Make your employees a team player. 

Introduce new technology in managing your operations. It will increase productivity.

In this article, I’m suggesting some tips that can help you in making your hotel staff more productive.

1 Give rewards to high performers

2 An open channel of communication

3 Encourage teamwork so hotel staff can become more productive

4 Introduce technology so hotel staff can become more productive

5 Stop controlling every little thing

6 Reduce workloads so hotel staff can become more productive

Incentives are very important in rewarding the employees for their performance.

 Hotel owners should motivate their employees by giving them incentives.  It increases their morale.

Giving rewards to your employees is very important. When employees know that hotel respects their work then they work more efficiently.

This can be a bonus increment in this salary or you can give any read to your high performer employee.

 Everyone likes it when he gets a reward for his hard work. So, in hotels, if you give rewards to your employees you will see that they are more productive at work.

During the peak, the season workload has been increased. therefore, hotels give incentives and rewards to increase the productivity of employees.

Communication is very important at any work station. There should be an open channel for communicating with each other.

Hotel owners should listen to their employees. If your employees are facing any problem then they can directly reach up to you or concerning the person.

All the decisions should be taken by considering the faith of employees. Communication is important in boosting the morale of your guests.  

Good communication with your staff will make good relations.

Teamwork is a very essential skill for growing the hotel business. In teams, employees can work more efficiently. Hence it increases their productivity.

It is the skill needed for the success of your hotel brand. It is necessary for the functioning of the hotel to have good ties between staff members.

Hold meetings for your staff members where everyone can put their opinions. Give importance to views and suggestions

It is important when you listen to the suggestions of your staff then it increases the feelings of pride in them.

Organize the event and games to involve staff and increase the harmony among them. These types of events build team spirit among your employees.

Hotel owners have a responsibility to offer excellent service as well as ensuring the productivity of staff.

Using paper-based checklists to monitor operations is time-consuming, requiring records to be painstakingly typed in if you want an electronic record of activities.

Introduce digital technology in monitoring the work. So it will require less effort and time. Hence your employees will invest this time in managing other functions.

Some recordings, such as temperatures within fridges and freezers, can be automated using wireless sensors which take readings continuously, freeing up staff time.

If you manage every little thing about your staff then it can demotivate them. Because it shows that you don’t have faith in your staff

It is important for maximum productivity that your staff should have the freedom to work. Stop micromanaging and start giving responsibilities to your staff.

Build trust in your staff that you believe in their efficiency. So they will become more accountable for their work. If you will give accountability then they will do their work in a more creative and energetic way.

With period, you’ll realize that you’ll gradually see their performance and productivity levels improve by allowing them more authority. Since they are more positive with themselves and how they run their business area.

Find out those works which are giving extra burden on your staff. Removing workload is necessary for greater productivity.

Which responsibilities are the biggest time wasters in your hotel? Could you outsource certain roles that are time-wasting? Or will it be necessary to completely remove the activities to get the staff back on track to serve your guests?

Maybe this means getting donuts served instead of making them for breakfast buffet. Instead, you could decorate yourself with silk plants instead of the real thing.

These changes do not have an impact on the guests, but they do offer more time for your employees to devote to the tasks that matter.

For the efficient function of all operations of the hotel, your staff should be productive.

It is the responsibility of the hotel owners to take some initiatives so that their staff will work efficiently. Understand the need for staff and then work on it.

Organize events so that they can enjoy from their hectic job.  Make proper break time so that their performance will not affect during their job.

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Comment your ideas and suggestion regarding the productivity of hotel staff in the comment box.

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