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How you can overcome guests insecurities after COVID-19

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The volatile nature of the COVID-19 era has been harsh on people, businesses, travel, and hospitality. Overcoming guests’ insecurities after COVID-19 is crucial to stand up for your business.

However, now there is some relief for hospitality. But, new lockdown restrictions are being implemented in some European countries in light of the resurgence of the virus.

Which have dismayed so many professionals in the industry . Which were in hope to get more bookings in this Christmas and holiday season.

guests insecurities

All of this a bitter blow after we saw glimpses of the industry resurfacing with news of promising occupancy levels for staycations not long ago at all. 

Even though some hoteliers may feel like they are operating on borrowed time.

Just waiting for the next restrictions to be announced for their area.

It is clear that preparation with the advantages of hospitality software is helping hoteliers to adjust to the times and tailor their service efforts.

Many are using tech tools that make sure guests are satisfied before, during, and after they spend time and money with the hotel brand of their choice.

I’ve recently contacted some clients to see how their guests have responded to hoteliers’ precautions. To observe the sitution for making sure guests had a safe and seamless experience with them in the age of COVID-19.

For the most part, our clients seem to have done well-keeping guests both safe and satisfied – you can see a summary of the results in this handy infographic, or read more about them in this blog.

However, this doesn’t mean that all guests’ Covid-19 concerns are completely alleviated.

Here are a few ideas for easing Covid-19 travel anxieties in your guests, including a couple of examples from our most successful clients.

A guest’s experience with a hotel brand is a journey, one should keep track of and improve over time .

When a hotel carefully considers details that allow knowing why people would choose your hotel every time. And even trust your hotel when searching for a safe and enjoyable place to travel during the pandemic.

Finding out where your guests come from, the nature of their visits,

Whether they have any special dietary requirements, and so on, allows hoteliers to personalize a guest’s stay.

Even if your staff end up referring them to other restaurants, for example, your guests will be more likely to book with you in the future if you keep their needs top of mind.

In a time where guests are taking extra care about where they go. So hoteliers should be spending more resources on getting to know more about the intentions and preferences of their guests moving forward.

Finding ways to ease guests’ anxieties is an ongoing process. Moreover no hotelier wants to miss communication opportunities with prospective guests.

It allows you to share information that would decrease travel anxieties while increasing travel interests. 

Do guests know which payment options you have? Are there touchless solutions at your property?

Do you offer online check-in? Make sure your hotel’s website has all the updated and mobile-friendly information that guests will need to see.

This ties everything together and makes it clear why a stay with you is worth the risk for anyone looking to book a hotel during COVID-19.

Consistently engaging prospective guests with content about the care your hotel takes for their safety will attract increased bookings during COVID-19.

As people may increasingly search for COVID-19 free hotels near them in hopes of finding a reliable option to visit and come back from in full health. 

It goes without saying, in times like these the staff at a property should be prepared to exhibit their care for hygiene and safety beyond their call of duty,

This is why management needs to make sure they are equipped with all the knowledge. And tools to provide a visible and satisfactory effort towards guests’ comfort during their stay.

Researching the health and safety measures that are within your means.

And to the guests’ satisfaction, will help keep your hotel staff agile to the needs of your guests, making it easier for staff to deliver a smooth experience to guests time and again.

Communication is key; in order to drive more direct bookings and improved guest satisfaction, faster problem resolution time,

In addition, faster service response time is an element that your hotel can tackle along the guest journey with the right balance of human service and tech solutions, as displayed above. 

Having social proof and guest feedback platforms on your site plays a major role in showing your prospective guests .

They will get the accurate information they actively want to know. In addition, they can share about your establishment.

Which builds a relationship of trust and a culture of health and safety-related transparency to the public on behalf of your hotel.

The tech tools of today are interdependent in their nature; all to the benefit of an improved hotel brand.

The benefits of automated hotel technology and machine learning are very vital . These technologies have made it so that a comfortable guest is kept at the center of the hospitality business. 

And, while industry professionals aim to recover from and adjust to the uphill battle against the pandemic.

It is vitally important to ease guests insecurities for increasing your revenue.

Hoteliers will endeavor to use an increasing variety of means to create wholesome experiences for guests to enjoy. without the incessant worries of getting COVID-19 to spoil their stays.

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