How you can grab the attention of bloggers?

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Do you know the attention of bloggers to your hotel can benefit it in long run? You can market your hotel easily with the help of bloggers.

When different bloggers cover your hotel then you can easily connect with a large number of audiences on social media platforms.

Nowadays, business success is a lot dependent on how you portray your hotel on social media platforms.

And content marketing is one of digital marketing strategy which can boost your hotel profit.

Grab the attention of bloggers to your hotel

Here are a few tips which you can practice to attract bloggers to your hotel.

Every hotel offers more or less the same facility as the room, bed, room services, etc.

But to grab the attention of the bloggers, you have to do something different from others.

Here are some ideas that make your hotel different from others in the market.

  • bohemian style interiors that capture the carefree spirit, or
  • incorporating different cuisines in your meal, or
  • walking distance of your hotel from the mountains, or
  • anything which makes your hotel stand-out from others.

Then only you can attract bloggers to your hotel because they have their audiences.

And they have to deliver them some good content. Hence, they will not cover ordinary stuff.

They will cover something exceptional and unique that their audiences will find entertaining and exciting.

Hence, you have to figure out the uniqueness of your hotel and show it off.

When bloggers find out your hotel is popular, for the events and meetings it arranges for its guests.

They show the desire of covering those events in their blogs.

Therefore, hosting events and business meetings are a great way to improve your property revenue.

And draw a steady stream of professionals and business travellers.

It will benefit your hotels in two ways.

  • Provide value to guests. Thus, building a reputation in the eyes of guests. Ultimately, retaining existing guests and attracting potential guests.
  • Attracting travel bloggers to your hotel because of the popularity your hotel is gaining.

For the success of the business and attracting bloggers to your hotel. You have to focus on a strong social media presence.

Social media is non-avoidable these days. And it gives a platform to send a brand message to people out there.

If you can manage to build a strong reputation for yourself and keep it intact, then you will be strong in the market.

What it implies are:

  1. Attention-grabbing websites.
  2. Correct information providing the content.
  3. Visually intriguing graphics.

Social media platforms act as a supplement to the brand’s website and increase the website’s traffic.

Hence, before coming to cover your hotel, bloggers will check your social media.

Therefore, make sure it has quality content for them to write in their blog.

You have to make a move by inviting bloggers and influencers to your hotel and stay there.

Keep an eye on bloggers that you want to cover your hotel.

You can find them on social media platforms, or you can email them that you want them to visit your hotel.

Explain to them why you wish them to stay at your hotel and what you are offering.

Chances are they are happy to write for you as it will also benefit them by raising their profile.

Also, they will get a link back to their site.

However, depending on the popularity of bloggers, some may even charge for it.

But you can opt for this option as they can bring a lot of traffic to your website.

Target audience is a particular group of people at which a product or service should aim.

Bloggers will not be so much eager to collaborate with you if your target audiences are not mutual.

Hence, first analyze your target audience in terms of following.

  • Age- You don’t need to be so specific here but focus on the generation of people belong.
  • Geography- It helps to find out which geographical area you should aim.
  • Language-It tells about the language your target audience speak.
  • Spending power-The purchasing and spending power of your target audience.
  • Interest-What is their likes and preferences.
  • Online behaviour-The activities or a news feed of their social media accounts.

After analyzing it and you have to find out bloggers who more or less share the same target audience as you.

Let them know by collaborating, it will benefit you both as you share the target audience.

It will grab the attention of bloggers and they will write for you.

If you want to know how to write content, then here are some tips in short.

You can take ideas from your customers or can research in quora.

Further, you can also take some insights from the top-performing blog and optimize it accordingly.

The headline is the first thing that your audience read.

It has to be such that spark interest in readers to click on it and know what’s inside.

Write down all the points of your research in rough draft. Then fit it all to form a logical idea.

Don’t try to fit in everything in one blog. Try to convey a specific message from a blog and focus on it.

After writing the blog, ask people to comment or a social share. Also, you can share links and ask people for a specific action.

Finally, evaluate your work and check if it’s in the flow and stick to points or not.

If any variations found then take corrective actions.

We can say, to grab the attention of bloggers, the hotel has something unique to offer its guests and a strong social media presence.

You can invite bloggers to write for you.

Further, if you both share the same target audiences, then the chances of their accepting your invitation are high.

Please share views in the comment box.

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