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Valuable Content for the hotel’s social media

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Publishing content for the hotel’s social media will gain the interest of its users.

Eventually, your hotel will receive attention in return. To stay in the business the investors must adopt the way of digital marketing.

Digital technology changed the marketing strategy in the hotel business.

Conventional methods of marketing are becoming obsolete and using digital technology is growing fast.

A look at social media statistics proves that more hotel owners are shifting to digital media to market their brands.

Especially, if you are a small hotel business looking to engage with guests and drive direct bookings, you need it.

The content you create for your brand should be focused on and for your main target audience.

Consider publishing fresh, informative, fun and inspirational content that brings value to potential customers and partners alike.

Content for hotel's social media

Here is some information on what to post on the hotel’s social media accounts.

Facebook is the perfect social network for general hotel use.

It is because the app helps organizations to incorporate all manner of new tabs, cross-referencing all other social networks and websites.

Moreover, it is a great place to add all the details of your contact and amenity.

Another thing to bear in mind is that companies are also allocated to Facebook accounts.

It is better to have your page reported so you can have control over the content and conversation.

For its entertainment value, most people spend time on Facebook.

So instead of sharing company ads and promotions, the focus is on maintaining a steady relationship with your “community,” which usually consists of past clients.

Share attractive photos or videos, and add a relevant hyperlink to the posting description.

Take advantage of the live video function of Facebook to take your fans on a behind-the-scenes tour to share how things are working “backstage.”

Let your guests look at what’s going on behind-the-scenes while preparing a mouth-watering meal.

Film a short video or take pictures of your staff in action.

Then put them on social media to give the guests’ curious minds a sneak-peak into their inner working of your restaurant.

Share eye-catching, interesting, or humorous posts that will inspire your followers to comment or share it on their own feeds.

Share posts and photos of guests tagged in your hotel.

Make a list of your key destination partners and share their most-related content with your hotel.

Take the views of guests to allow them to take part in business decisions such as design, new crockery, new logo etc.

Alternatively, use the poll or vote options to share their preferences.

Use Instagram to promote the best visual content.

Show off the photos of your restaurant, staff, food, guests enjoying the ambience or other activities that your fan base can enjoy.

Use the game of hashtags and memes to create some fun with the fans.

Ask questions to engage your followers or create contests where you ask your followers to tag your restaurant when they visit you with a photo.

This helps to widen the reach and make interactive content.

Many people use Instagram as their inspiration point for entertaining and exciting photos that showcase travel, adventure, and lifestyle.

User-generated content (UGC) is an excellent strategy to develop personal and friendly engagement with users.

A little digging on social media channels will surprise you with beautiful photographs taken and stories shared by your customers.

If you are wondering how to find out, here we go:

  • Search by hashtags with your restaurant name.
  • Look up your location on Instagram to find photos of your restaurant.
  • Check out if you are tagged in any posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Search by your restaurant name on Facebook or Twitter to know if users mentioned you without a hashtag.

Another engaging way is to host a photo-sharing competition for your customers to share their favourite meal at your restaurant/ hotel and share the submissions to a dedicated page.

Randomly pick a lucky winner and reward him with discount coupons or anything valuable.

Leave your images free from text or even a logo, except if you’re sharing an inspiring quote or proverb.

It’s important to know that clickable links aren’t allowed on Instagram posts, except in your Instagram account profile, or if you decide to pay for ads.

Further, you can manage Instagram ad campaigns from your Facebook fan page.

  • Twitter is all about reaching out to key influencers such as bloggers and journalists and keeping in touch with key partners such as the tourism board, travel agencies and other institutions.
  • We don’t recommend investing time and money on Twitter accounts for small hotels.
  • You can easily make lists of Twitter users you like to regularly follow their news and like / retweet some of their content.

The type of content you share can be a mix of LinkedIn and Instagram posts and if you’d like to gain attention from specific Twitter users, simply tag up to 10 of them in your picture – but be careful not to spam.

To save time, begin with sharing some of the same content you’re already sharing on Facebook and use applicable hashtags to index your content on specific topics.

If you’d like to be more proactive, here are a few more ideas of things to share:

  • Job and internship offers
  • Business news from your destination and the tourism industry
  • Info and news about your hotel services, such as rewards, certifications, press releases, and articles.

A guest visits your site directly when they know your brand.

Hence, the best way to make yourself known is to create an online presence.

You can do this by publishing valuable content for the hotel’s social media accounts.

You can take ideas from this article what you can publish on your hotel’s social media accounts to attract potential guests.

Please share views in the comment box.

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