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How to use Social Media to boost your hotel bookings?

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Social Media is one of the most important tools for your hotel’s marketing. You can use it for promotions, advertisement and to showcase your property. 

With these platforms, hotel brands can directly communicate with guests to establish healthy and long-term relationships. There are ways in which you can utilize the potential of social media to enhance your hotel bookings. Let us explore some tips to boost your hotel booking.

How to use Social Media to boost your hotel bookings?

In the hotel industry, it is crucial to have hotel brand image. But, In this crowded space, it is easy to lose the brand. So, you need to build your hotel brand and showcase your property to attract travelers. 

You can create your brand image with social media. Irrespective the brand image is casual and friendly or adventure-based, it should be unique and feature the people behind it. You can share your brand’s origin story and tell what makes you unique in the industry. Don’t forget to highlight your staff accomplishments and behind-the-scenes insights.  

Sharing content on social media is easy, but creating relatable content requires dedicated efforts. Since we all are aware that it is hard to retain users of your content due to a short attention span, you need to make the content appear to be human-made. 

Carefully analyze your audience type and prepare the content accordingly. You can make content for your guests, other hotel businesses or any other industry-relevant content. 

After creating the unique content, you can post it on various social handles. For instance, you can write a blog, and post it on a platform where readers look for information like Medium and Quora.

Want to showcase your hotel amenities with its various images and amenities? Post it on Instagram since it is the world’s best photo-sharing platform. Other than sharing photos, there is another type of content that is gaining popularity, that is short-form videos or reels. 

You can create various reels to showcase the amenities like gym spas, cafes, and others. The Reels have a good reach that will surely attract your guests to your hotel. 

One thing to note is that posting on different social is time-consuming which also requires a dedicated team. To ease this, you can use various tools, which can automate the tasks for multi-social posting on different platforms at the same time. 

The hotels can increase their engagement and boost their audience by rewarding the guests for following them on social media. You can launch a marketing campaign which offers loyalty programs and discounts. 

You can offer on-site perks, such as free drinks or discount vouchers on meals if the guest follows you on account. By this, you not only increase your number of followers on social media but also encourage your guests to visit your hotel.  

If you organize various contests on social media platforms, you can interact with a vast segment of your customer base and gather more followers. 

For starters, you can upload the image for your hotel and ask your followers to “caption this photo”. Or, you can provide giveaways and conduct Trivia games to keep engaging your guests. 

Also, you can create hashtags for your property and ask your followers to share their photos and videos on it. Feature those guests on your social media account to boost engagement on your account.

Social media influences are those people having a strong presence on social media. They generally have a higher follower base and engagement ratio than usual users and are aligned with business users.  

The Influencers create vlogs and personal content that are viewed by many followers. Make sure you find an influencer that lines up with your hotel’s brand. 

You can attract the influencers by offering them a stay at your hotel and provide with a free meals. In return, they can promote your hotel’s amenities and hospitality services. Hence it will be a win-win situation for both. 

Another social media marketing strategy for hotels is paid advertising. You can generate ads to increase direct bookings with less expense as compared to traditional advertising. 

With ads on social media, You can target the relevant audience to help you sell your room as well as tours and packages for your hotel. 

One of the most popular ways to target your audience is Facebook Ads. With the help of Facebook ads manager, you can create ad posts for Facebook and Instagram. 

Ads Manager also allows you to target the ideal market by creating ads based on demography, user interests, recently visited places, income stream and more. 

In conclusion, utilizing the power of social media can be groundbreaking to increase your hotel bookings. By following the above strategies carefully, the hotels can engage with the targeted audience and showcase their unique offerings. 

So, grab the potential of social media to build a reputation brand and watch your hotel business reach new heights.

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